Monday, September 29, 2008

Rosh Hashanah.... Where the Wind Comes Right Behind the Rain

Okay, how stupid is that? I can't help it. It's like non religious crossing for squirrels (and other road kill). It just comes out. It needs to be said (or sung). I don't know WHY. I don't make the rules. Come on. Show me how smart you are.
So today is Rosh Hashanah, I'm thinking I'm spelling it right because there is no red underline telling me I'm an idiot (which is often the case). I will say, if ever my brother is present while I am typing he is correcting me left and right. My mother, the once college English professor is probably appalled by my overuse of commas, run on sentences and just general disregard for the English language. Hey, I could be sitting on the couch watching Jerry Springer, things could be worse. Not much worse than this economy, but let's not go there. Let's go to a happy place. Rosh Hashanah dinner with our dear friends, Lisa and Dave and their three rugrats. Who include, Ben of the Ollie fame (uh oh on Ollie but we'll revisit that later, let's just say I was like a spaz crossing myself til I was blue in the face), Adam, Lisa and Dave's oldest who is happier now, but is twelve, so I'm sorry to say, he has been voted off the island more than once and of course Ethan, Chase's other half of a brain. So Lisa cooks a lovely dinner and the kids do the prayers over some honey and apples and a miniature challah bread. It was really little. Lisa said our grocery store was anti-sematic because they didn't have full sized breads. Benny (who's 7) while singing, "Scumbag lawyers with agendas...," overheard and wanted to go have a talk with them. We dodged that bullet, poured a little more wine and threw some tuna on the grill. Lisa eats nothing with a neck. What was the point here? Oh yes, Rosh Hashanah. So Merry New Year (said like Eddie Murphy from Trading Places). It is the Jewish New Year and we celebrate them all (except for Kwanza, somehow that didn't make the cut- no offense to Kwanza celebraters, we just have enough already). Usually we celebrate with Marc's aunt and uncle but this year with friends. I told Lisa, we were just some tequila and special cookies (wink wink) shy of a normal Jewish holiday. And you know, Kirsten, I don't bake. That's the ONLY reason they're special.
So Happy New Year.
Oh, and Ollie died. Don't call Peta. It was of natural causes (um hmmm) and Chase was very sad. Make a cross, even you my Atheist friend (you know who you are) say some sort of spiritual something or other for poor Ollie. His time was short here. He was a good bird. He was loved. There is a new bird living in his cage now. I don't know his name, I don't want to get to attached. Give him a little prayer too. Or a big one. Whatever you got, Buddha, Allah, God, Jesus, the Count from Sesame Street. The Count of Monte Cristo. We don't care. Beggars can't be choosers. Peace out tonight.


MarkNYC said...

Good lord, Amy, that was WAY stream of conscious, even for you. Of course, it made perfect sense to me, which scares and delights me in equal measure. I walked by Flute tonight, and it made me wish you were still here. Your visit was longer than usual, but still too short. I'm so glad you like the city I live in and like visiting often. You mentioned having an Atheist friend. I'm Agnostic. I have a strong spiritual connection to the unconditional love that Jesus taught, so I've got spirituality covered; I'm just not sure about all of the other teachings offered by organized religion. If all religions taught tolerance, acceptance and unconditional love, the world would probably be a more peaceful place. It seems to me that organized religions were developed by men and then used by men to do what men naturally do: seek power and control others. I wonder, if women had more say in this world, would we be much better off? And, I don't mean women like Sarah Palin or Nancy Pelosi, who seem to think a lot more like men than, say, Madeline Albright or even Hillary Clinton. Sure, they all sought and have power, but it's what you do with that power that counts. Which makes me wish Obama had chosen Hillary as his running mate, rather than Joe Biden, just for better balance. Looks like Obama's going to win after today's bailout failure. Poor John McCain suspended his campaign to fly to DC to help solve the crisis, and his own party let him down. That could be disastrous for him, if not the final nail in his coffin. It will be interesting to see how Palin's performance this coming Thursday impacts the polls. Okay, I've gone off on my own little stream of consciousness here, so I'll sign off now. Miss you, love you. P.S. Christopher never called back. I hope he's reading and checks in soon. I miss him, too.

Meredith said...

You two leave me breathless. I must say that I am so sorry to hear about Ollie. That makes me too sad. I hope he has gone to a better place. Okay, Amy. Since you brought it up, here's today's lesson:
two: this one's easy. The number 2.
too: this means "also," as in "I'd like to go to NY sometime too." Or in excess, such as, "I don't want to get too attached."
Everything else is just plain old "to."
That's all folks.
Love, Mom

Lula! said...

Your brother is hot. You can tell him I said that. (Just don't tell him I'm a flaming right winger. HA!)

The title of your post made me laugh. And I had no idea what Rosh Hashanah was until I read this post, so thanks for teaching me something new today.

Sorry about Ollie. Truly.

I'm so excited for your big day next week...please tell me you're going to blog about it. I have to live vicariouosly through you. It's not as exciting as jumping from a plane, but I am seeing Cher on Saturday night...part of me is hoping she'll at least flash a boob or a butt cheek before the night is over.


Christy said...

I am not Jewish, but I study Kabbalah, and "celebrate" Rosh Hashanah by looking at the past year, seeing where I went wrong, and thinking about what seeds I want to plant for the year to come. I think it's a beautiful holiday of consciousness with a lot of amazing energy to connect to. I think it's terrific that you celebrate all kinds of different holidays with your family & friends--your kids get some terrific gifts from that, I'm sure.

BTW--your brother is great--love his comment. Okay, I'll stop fawning over him. I'm married & he's gay, so he's probably just weirded out right now...

Amy said...

Mark- I've said it before and I'll say it again, I couldn't love you anymore if I tried. You are a rockstar, but honestly, that comment was a blog post (I think we scared Mom). I love your comments and keep them coming but start writing on your blog baby! Then I'll comment. I know my post was whack. It's where I'm at. LYTB

Mommy- Sorry. I two wish that I knew how too use the word tooh. Love you.

Lula-My brother doesn't care what political affiliation you have if you think he's hot. He's very vain. He's just happy about it.
I have a post tonight coming about sky diving. There might be a glitch. I find out today at 4.30.

Kristy-Like I said above, my brother loves fawning. I swear I don't have a friend who hasn't wanted to make out with him yet. Married, single, divorced, they all at least ask. He loves it.

MarkNYC said...

Amy--So, what you are saying is "Comments are fine, but start your own damn blog if you're going to editorialize." Fine, I'll stop stealing your thunder. Look for my blog to start competing with yours in the next couple of weeks. I'm going after YOUR readers! (Joking, of course).

Lulu and Christy--I'm not as vain as Amy says. Hopefully, my posts suggest more depth than that, but I do appreciate a compliment, so I thank you both. Also, Amy knows that after a drink or two, I'm just as likely to make out with a cute girl as a cute guy, so make sure you come to her next party.

twist said...

Who you callin' an atheist, you trollop?

Eww, did I just call you a trollop...on Rosh Hashana? Fortunately, I did it after the deadline for things to consider for this now I don't have to think about it again until next year, right?

To clarify, I'm an atheist with Buddhist and Druid leanings, and so, I offer the following prayer for poor little Ollie:

Sweet, young Ollie
Feathers of blue
It would really suck
To be ... you know what? I think I'll finish this off-line.

Amy said...

You are so twisted. It is why I love you with all my heart and soul.
Please come up with a formal good bye prayer for dear sweet ollie and e mail it to me. I need a laugh. I'm in a mood.

Oh and Mark, you're a hoo..... You know my favorite word.

Lisa Samuel said...

okay all the comments are close, but no one is really feeling the pain as ollies (mother). I loved that bird from the beginning(9 days ago). I admit I made some mistakes, but I really just wanted him to succeed, that's all just wanted him to be happy. Sorry,I failed. Going to bed as a bad mother now. Sarah Palin would be ashamed and put me in death row. Fortunately, I have you fellow bloggers to bail be out. Show me how smart you are!

Meredith said...

Now that we are real life friends, I now know why they are so special.

Is Meredith your mother's name?? I saw the comment and thought maybe I was posting while drunk or something but then saw the 'mom' and thought...'no freaking way'.

Meredith said...

Oh, and I would totally LOVE to make out with brother Mark. He is WAY hot.