Monday, September 1, 2008

On Another Note (no pun intended)

I haven't done this in a while. So here's some songs I'm listening to now. To run, do yoga, just listen, whatever.......
Thirteen Lyrics-Big Star
Sway LyricsBic Runga
Rocky Took A Lover Lyrics-Bell X1
The Perfect Boy (Mix 13)- The Cure
Not Going Home Lyrics-The Elected
Under The Tracks Lyrics-Creeper Lagoon
Skin And Bones Lyrics-JET
Kettles On Lyrics-The Feeling
Love You Madly Lyrics-Cake
Scarlet Begonias Lyrics-Sublime
Troublemaker Lyrics-Weezer
Corona And Lime Lyrics-Schwayze
You Can Do Better Than Me Lyrics-Death Cab for Cutie
Don't You Evah Lyrics-Spoon
I Am Over It Lyrics-the Dandy Warhols
Classics Of Love Lyrics-Common Rider
Pain Killer Lyrics-Turin Brakes
This is How She Goes- John Oszajca


Simple Answer said...

Score! I have some, but not all of these. Now I have a project - to spend some time on Itunes. Man I need my car!!!!

Chesco Mom said...

Unfortunatly, I listen to a lot of Hannah Montana..over and over and over so I got nothin' for ya.

Hey, are you coming to Boston with me? Call Me!


Meredith said...

Seriously are we cyber twins separated at birth? You quite literally are the only person my age I know who knows any of these songs..let alone has hit on quite a few of my current favorites.

You did throw out a few ones I'm not familiar with. I'm guessing I will be very soon!

Go you with not one but two cool brothers so far (I think 'Brother Chris must belong to you too - right?). Brother loving kinda day yesterday!

heather said...

I logged on to see the shout out to me. Where's it at Amy???? I was ready for it to be all about me today. C'mon now...don't let a sister down.

Christy said...

Can I just tell you? You a re WAY cooler than me--I don't even know half of these songs! LOL

Tiffany said...

You are so posh. I need to give these a listen... was there any Kid Rock on the list.. did I miss it?

Lula! said...

I totally printed this list--I love new-to-me music. You are my official go-to person, Amy!