Monday, September 8, 2008

Turning a No into a Maybe

And a maybe into a yes,

Ah, the gifts our children are handed down. Is it genetics? The age old (or one of 'em) questions. Nature vs. Nurture? The ability to push a parent into the land of "yes." You know, I remember, and my mom (if she still reads) can agree or disagree with this, but as a child I remember taking no for an answer. Maybe that's just how I remember it. I don't know. That is our truth right? The way we remember things. Not with my kids. My kids have the keen ability to work me over. I'm not even sure why they bother asking me sometimes. When they don't like the answer they push me until I say yes. I'm gonna tell you what. I'm being honest here. Nine times out of ten I do. I agree. I'm not a bickerer. I think it's the salesman gene in them (from Marc). Really, the other day Chase was talking to my friend Lisa's husband, Dr. Dave. They were talking about a car that one of Dave's colleagues had recently purchased from Marc. It is an expensive car. Chase asked Dave if he would get one. Dave said he didn't think so. Chase said, "Well how much did the Lexus cost you?" Dave gave him a number. Chase thought about it for a moment. He figured the difference in the price of the two cars. Then he said, "Well, if you have a really good month maybe you can get a GTR too." A good month? That's straight up sales talk. That didn't come from me.
Okay, back to the post at hand. Saturday night Saige and Chase sleep over at Lisa's house with their kids. We're like one big happy family right? The next day Lisa brings them home and they bring in a list that Saige and Benny had made. It is as follows:
25 Reasons Why I Should Have A Parrot!
1. I will take care of him.
2. I will train him.
3. I will always have a friend.
4. I will have company in my room so I will never disturb you at night (Clever right?)
5. He won't hurt you!
6. His name will be Ollie.
7. You will love him!
8. He won't make annoying sounds.
9. We can dress him up.
10. I will train him to be the best parrot ever.
11. Max and Ollie will get along (Max is their dog)
12. Max will get the same love as always.
13. He will be a joy to friends and company.
14. Saige will help me train him.
15. We will train him to go potty in his cage and his cage only!
16. He will make the whole family laugh!
17. He can be help to the whole family. For example if I needed you then I could send him to get you.
18. I will feed him at breakfast after school and at dinner time.
19. We can train him to know everyone's name and he will give compliments.
20. He will not give insults.
21. He will love all people and won't make anyone feel bad.
22. He will be really gentle.
23. He will be handy around the house.
24. He will be neat.
25. He will be helpful!

So they all came in. Marc and I of course egged her on. We searched on the internet. Lisa txted Dave. She got a "No." That was Sunday.

It's Monday at 8.30. Guess who's living in Benny's room now? Ollie. That's who.

The brains of the operation. A serious force to be reckoned with.


Dave Samuel said...

Classic. It basically worked like in the movie, Stripes when Bill Murray was egging on Harold Ramis that they both steal the new tank thing. Ramis keeps saying "no I'm not doing it, no way, its wrong" on and on and Murray interupts and says, "I'll drive" and Ramis immediately replies "OK". Same deal with that Ben. Please, Please, Please, and off I go to the pet store. At least it wasn't that Giant bird that lives to be 100 he had Lisa almost convinced to adopt. I guess they didn't realize why it was 'up for adoption' That really means, Pain in the ass, in bird adoption papers language. Oh well, we now have 1 dog, 1 bird, and 100 fish. We will be charging admission soon. Amy, you post is great. Still killing me w/the Chase man. I will advise if we have a good month in the medical world. Later.

Meredith said...

Dear mycybertwinamy,

We are obviously burdened with he same types of children. Of course, I haven't seen mine in 20 minutes because they are all in their rooms for the night. Why you ask? Because they don't take no for an answer. And they worked me over yet again....and I am fed up with it.

Ok, that's a lie. Because after said 'punishment' ..they all worked me over again. And as a reward I'm letting them hang out in my bed.

Pushover I am. Every time. And, by the way, I AM IN SALES. I should know better.

jami~ said...

i had to read the list out loud to sean. it is classic and well thought out. i like the part about only giving compliments.

clever little minxes!!!!

Kathy Steinmetz said...

Kids are good.... How do you think we ended up with a Cat and a Rat? In addition to the Dog and the Fish..... I am putting my foot down to the Pot Bellied Pig (I think zoning may help with this one).

Lula! said...

OLLIE! I love his name! I loved the list...very succinct, very clever.

They are forces to be reckoned with, indeed.

Christy said...

I know, I get it, believe me! That's how we ended up with 2 cats, 2 dogs and about 20 salt water fish! I draw the line at a parrot though...

Sue Jacquette said...

See, we don't have that problem... It doesn't even occur to Jade to ask for something if she knows we'll say no. I've overheard her countless times talking to friends and saying, I'm not allowed to (insert questionable item here) and then she just moves on. The funny thing is I have barely said no for years now because it's so rare she ask for something she must REALLY want it, so I'll get it.

Simple Answer said...

First, I really want to have one of Chase's "good months." I always want both, no matter what it is.

Second, on the list, #7? Do you love him?

Lisa Samuel said...

We love ollie!! He is singing to us and amusing us for now-- Soon, I will be his best friend when Saige and Ben have moved on to some other form of amusement, the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree!!!

twist said...

This is a really cute story and all...and with 3 sickies in my house right now, I think we may be able to help the medical profession have a "good month"...but this post can only be amusing so many times. Where are you and why are you not feeding me my daily chuckles?

Meredith said...

Actually, that list is sort of making me feel like getting a parrot. I'm just glad you didn't know about it when you wanted the skunk.

Love, Mom