Friday, September 19, 2008

A Week (or more) in Review- Kinda

So here's something of a wrap up.

1. That movie with Gary Busey is actually called Drop Zone and I'm thinking Wesley Snipes was in it and some awful girl actor who I never saw again.
2. As Lula pointed out in the comments, for those who don't bother with them (that's cool, my feelings aren't hurt) there was both sky diving and surfing in Point Break, so thanks for that.
3. Apparently in Drop Zone Gary Busey's name was Ty Moncrief (according to my friend Jen) and I had a heater in my house also called Ty Moncrief (also pointed out by Jen), what are the chances of that? I unfortunately have no recollection whatsoever of said heater, but we were young, we drank a lot of vodka. I'm sure if she said it, it's true. I will say, Jen has always hated Gary Busey along with Meredith Baxter Birney and the main reason for her disgruntlement is really just their names.
4. It is a fact that we (Jen and I) could have hit it big on America's Funniest Home Videos because I talked her into taking a nose dive on top of the most disgusting pool cover that had ever lived through a bad winter and had developed it's own eco system. It was hands down one of the funniest things I have ever seen and I had it on tape until I inadvertantley recorded an episode of Wings over it. That Lowell was funny. And Roy Biggins, don't even get me started.
5. Ollie the parakeet is ALIVE and KICKING. God love him. It's crazy over there. He's alway's on the floor trying to make a break for it. Doing all sorts of wacky stunts in his little cage. I'm pulling for him.

6. Yesterday Lisa and I ate outside at one of our favorite restaurants in the town we live with a charming Englishman who lives in St. Maarten and comes to train our friend for a month every year. Our friend had to work (I'm thinking to pay for this trainer) so we got to enjoy his company and hear great stories and ate the most delicious salad and then to top off the fabulous lunch we ran into Red Mohawk Guy and Bam. Bam from MTV, the skateboarder. So of course we had to have our picture taken with him. I feel bad it was Lisa and I cause it's really Marc that has a big old man crush on Bam. We have seen him out before but never got a picture. Now Lisa and I have decided that Chase and Ethan (her son) are going to be Red Mohawk Guy and Bam for Halloween. It's gonna be awesome. Chase has rocked some killer costumes. This one's gonna be fun too. He has decided he needs to dye his blond hair brown for it and if he likes it he, "Just might want to keep it brown." Whatever. I know one thing though, I'm not taking him to Rachel's salon when Michael (bizarrely angry boss guy) is there. She would definitely get fired if my whole crew came in.

7. For all of you that were so kind and encouraging about the painting. I've got my canvas, my paints, my brushes. As soon as I have a little time, on Saturday or Sunday I am painting. I'll share, unless it sucks, then I'm gonna hide it like my picture of me and Kid Rock. Which also sucks, which is why I haven't shared it.
8. Calling today to try and see if we can sky dive Sunday. Scared. I won't tell you til it's over Mark B. Remember Mickey is yours.
9. Rachel's boss Michael is still quite an a hole and if at all possible could you (Jen) come up here from DC and open up one of those cans of Whoop Ass you keep in your cupboard. It's called for and way past time.
10. And ten, seeing as the first nine have been nothing short of stupid and I'm quite sure I probably lost half of you by now I will tell you one more slightly stoopid thing (Kirsten, don't read this) but that pink shot glass is still there in the dishwasher. Just waiting for it's pardon.Last night at back to school night while I was drifting in and out during the math explanation I pictured that little shot glass in a courtroom like George Clooney in Oceans Eleven pleading it's case to get out of the slammer. Danny Ocean got out. Pinkie's still in the clink. Doing time. Just like Gary Busey has done on more than one occasion.


Kathy Steinmetz said...

First: Back to School Night. Those new timed math standards...WTF! I wouldn't pass the 2nd grade requirements - besides, what's with all this "timing stuff". I can't tell you the last time someone clocked me while I balanced the check book - it's been that long.

Second, and calmer: I see it now. Put a huge canvas at your skydiving landing zone. Cover yourself in paint right before you jump. Jump. Land. Voila. Self impressionist art at it's truest interpretation. Talk about "killing 2 birds with 1 stone". (okay, bad choice of words but you get the idea.)

Amy said...

Right? I didn't know what they were talking about. I will say that I passed Saige's Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader test, although I did it in my head, I didn't know how to show my work.
Good idea about the paint and dive, but please, rephrase. :)

Lula! said...

OK, this is my favorite post from you...EVER! Hilarious!

Gary Busey, Ollie, more pictures of you with famous people, the pink shot glass, etc., etc., etc. You are cracking me up. I love it!

MarkNYC said...

Fun post, Amy. Not quite sure how you can be so clever at 5:00 in the morning. That's the middle of the night for me. I thought I got your kids, not Mickey. But no worries. You leave me Mickey, and I'll choose one of hundreds of ways I've imagined his demise to finally put an end to his yapping. Hmm, visions of canine skydiving sans parachute, with a canvas below just to see what kind of "painting" I can make with him. I'll teach that rodent to bite me when I'm being playful. Weren't you going to call me after Back to School Night?

Sue Jacquette said...

That gross pool liner story is utterly disgusting. Jen, I can't imagine how much you must have scrubbed and scrubbed in the shower after! Eeew! If you guys had won funniest home movies, I say Jen should have gotten all the money!

Amy said...

Thank you Leigh Ann, I enjoyed your picture today too.
Mark-I thought you were on a date with the smokin' asian guy? Call me today.
Sue-Listen! I was the brains of the operation. It was my pool, my video camera and had I not not wanted to miss Wings it would have been 70/30 all day long, to me.:) Right Big Mouse. Tell her.

Lisa Samuel said...

I'm so happy that you let everyone know that Ollie has made it, even Max(my dog) loves him and doesn't try to attack him when he is flying around- As for Mohawk guy and Bam, that was my hightlight and now my cell phone screen saver!

Anonymous said...

First of all, lil' mouse, you know I would do ANYTHING to get a laugh..or a guffaw from you. Yes, it was disgusting. That's why Amy and I worked up the blueprints ahead of time to ensure the quickest route to cleaning off. Yes, I did go all Crying Game in the shower, but watching it over and over all afternoon over our white rooskies almost made it worth it. Oh those were the days..we had nothin' to worry about but ogling the pool boy, cutting the lawn with scissors, and who was making our next rooskie. Well, until "WINGS". Amy was obsessed with that stupid show. I am still bitter. I really coulda used the 100 PERCENT of the winnings I'da gotten, had it not been for damn dumb-as-a-rock Lowell and rotund/bitter Roy......
P.S. I am a bit ashamed for my hatred toward MBB and Gary just 'cause of their names. It wouldn'ta been so bad, had you not put finger to keyboard and immortalized my intolerance forever, for everyone to read!! Well, okay, not everyone, maybe the eight or so who read the blog ..jk...:)
Love you Lil' M, and see you at the spa!

Anonymous said...

Bam is on my dirtyhot list...along with Colin Farrell, Matty McC and a one Mr. Kid Rock...(I'd totally get wit' that, if I can shower them first)...

Anonymous said...

totally nuts and i love every minute of it.

ps~i was a big wings fan, too. helen had the right idea.


MarkNYC said...

Totally smokin, Amy, and younger than you! LOL. Look where that got me last time. Even bigger LOL.

Amy said...

Jen, throw Johnny Depp in there and you've got yourself a list. And don't worry, craziness is in. It's the new black.
Jami, are you better? Write something! What was Helen's idea?
Mark-You mean he's 28? Wow, you're robbing the cradle!

Dave Samuel said...

the 2 of you crack me up. only you guys can run into Bam and Mohawk guy and get a picture while having lunch with a charming Englishman. The 2 don't seem to blend but quite funny. I said I want to come back as my kids, but I think one of you guys would be just as good. Never a dull moment. Thats why we love you. I'm sure Marc can 'Amen' that one.

Tiffany said...

You crack me up.

Sister, the stories I have about St., that was an adventure.. and a beautiful place.

Anyway, love this post. I can't figure out if I love it more that your friend took the dare to jump on the pool cover, or that you taped an episode of Wings over it....

Christy said...

Whoa--you have one exciting life, my friend. Apparently I'm living (and momming) in the wrong town.

Skydiving? DON'T F-ING DO IT! I like the idea of living it up and all of that, but jumping from a plane into the sky with just a parachute that will HOPEFULLY open? Um, NO. S-C-A-R-Y! You're either extremely brave or extremely crazy...or both. And I like that about you. :)

But still, don't do it!