Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ollie Ollie Get Your Obits Here

Written by a sick and TWISTed friend. Not me.

Ode to a Dead Parakeet

Sweet, young Ollie
Feathers of blue
It sure would suck
To be dead like you.

You're not quite cold
And they've filled your cage
Don't cry, little Ollie
Try to be brave.

Your plumage? Not needed
Now that you're dead
A stunning hat it'll be
Atop Lisa's head.

Does your kind have a neck?
I really can't say
Stretch long in your slumber
Or you might be filleted.

Goodbye, goodbye
dear dead feathered friend
Like you this poem must
come to an end.

In the comment section Anonymous posted this but I think it should be out here. Thank you Anonymous. Love you!!


Dave Samuel said...

OK Classic. Emily Dickinson, Edgar Allan Poe, are you kidding me, this one has 'childrens classic' written all over it. Think I'll read it to Benny for a bedtime story, while Ollie Jr. (the replacement) listens in, grinning.

Lisa Samuel said...

kirsten, first of all, thank you for your comments.. we are very busy here sitting shiva for out dear bird ollie. I miss you and hope to see you soon at an obama rally-- Lisa

Simple Answer said...


Sue Jacquette said...

Oh my! Ollie, poor, poor Ollie. My condolences to the Samuel family.

So Amy, You are beautiful, an artist, a yogi, AND a poet? I had no idea....

Amy said...

Sue, I didn't write that. I am twisted but I love Ollie....like he was Mickey.

Are you just trying to get out of 3 minute boat with your compliments?

Anonymous said...

Dear Ollie,

Go confidently in the directions of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined.

After I took a moment of silence for your dear Ollie, I recorded this tribute to you last night and posted it on YouTube.


Amy said...

Seriously, I could not love you people anymore. Lisa loves saying, "All my friends are pretty." I'm going to have to go with, "All my friends are straight up whack." I like that more.
Thank you anonymous. I'll be thinking about Morris all day. If I had time I'd put it on my class playlist, this one going out to Ollie.
(Insert cross here)

Anonymous said...

I love the SchoolHouse Rock reference....you are so cute! for a mouse.....

Meredith said...

That is fucking hilarious. Who knew you were a poet?

I can just picture myself circa 1983 with my arms flapping in the wind to this song.

Val said...

That rocked!

twist said...

Lisa, I know how you people felt about that little guy. And I've been there, too: My sister and I had a bird once. We thought her caged life might be boring, that she might want to party, hear some music...We weren't sure she had ears though. So we contained her in a party hat and set her on the speaker with the music turned up real loud. She got her foot all tangled up in the elastic from the party hat while she was trying to dance. Coincidentally, she never stood on that foot again; and, also coincidentally, she died a short while later. Her last words: "Lord, I'm comin' home to you."

Tiffany said...


Christy said...

I'm trying to do the cross sign, but I can't remember...is it left, right, down? Or right, left, down? Or wait...does it start from the top or the bottom...oh, for christ's sake, never mind! Sorry to hear about Ollie's demise--just imagine me making the sign of the cross (b/c I'm so holy and all!)

Lisa Samuel said...

KIrsten, you are so fucking funny!!! Where were you this morning during amy's yoda class. You must join us. I miss you terribly! I will try to join you at the peace rally. I'll call you!!

Anonymous said...

even out of the sick twistedness of it all, the creativity rises above, like a victorious falcon.

this is better than some of those twisted "fairy tales" that have been published for kids forever. the classics. seriously, did you ever read those? all the kids get whipped and beaten and those are the tame ones.

poor ollie. i read the epitaph to my own parakeet to let him know to be on his best behavior, lest he be replaced as easily as ollie was :)