Friday, September 26, 2008

Yes, I'm Kind of A Loser, But It's Cool. I Own it.

Okay, I am beyond frustrated because basically I am a computer idiot. Everyone seems to have no problem uploading all sorts of fun videos. Not me, I can't even get one in an email. I did somehow get it to my facebook page. That's right, I said it. I own it. I am a total facebook dork. It is so much fun. I think the whole point of it is supposed to be to reconnect with old friends. Which I have, it's lovely, really. Like 130 of them. It's interesting to see where people are, what they are doing. But this is not where the fun comes in. It's the people I see all the time that amuse me the most. Seriously, it's just one more way to make each other laugh. For those who aren't familiar, let me explain. First of all you have a "profile." Where most people put their best picture up there, cause come on, we're all about 20 years older than the last time we were together for any length of time. Yes, I'm old. Don't care about that either. Well, I have a friend who changes his profile picture daily for pure amusement purposes. Sometimes he is Ted Knight from Caddyshack, sometimes he's a Playboy bunny and on occasion he has been Sarah P. Also, there is a place where it says your name and you can write what you are doing. I never do this. I will txt it to certain friends to make them laugh but I don't need 134 of my old high school and college friends knowing I am straight up whack (you guys its fine though). Anyway, the same friend that changes his picture changes his "what are you doing." Sometimes John...loves all Gods children's (that's when he's a PB bunny), once he was having tea with the Underwoods (his caddyshack days) and one of my favorites was John is....sick of all the bullshit and buffoonery. You can guess who he was with that one. Aside from his antics there is this thing on your page called your "wall." People can write you messages Seriously, I have tears streaming down my face from this page because some of my friends (Rachel) are so unbelievably funny that it scares me. Plus she just doesn't care who sees it, cause all my "friends" and all her "friends" and who the hell knows who else gets to see her saying to me, "Amy, where are you. I'm sitting on the curb waiting for the bang bus to come by and pick me up. Where is it? I'm getting cold." Okay Crazy, we were told the other night that's some porn site. She's just trying to make me laugh. And she does, daily. So it's one more time suck when I should be doing something productive. Is yoga productive? Does that count?
Okay, so the whole point before I started talking about Facebook is my friend sent me the link to this video. It's stupid funny, but I laughed. Right underneath it was a place to put it on Facebook. So technical for me. I did it and then other's laughed. I tried to send it to a friend who looks down on facebook, um, I believe that's called judging. I could throw some stones, but I won't, I will just say, as many times as I tried to cut and paste the stupid thing, it won't show up. And then I tried to do it in here, cause I really had nothing to say today and I'm leaving for NYC soon and I didn't want Kirsten and Kathy to be disappointed they didn't get to hear any nonsense shit from me today. Look, now you have a whole bunch. And you know what a nerd I am. Just so you know I also read Harry Potter books. I will listen to Forever in Blue Jeans when it comes on AND sing along and ..... well...other than that I'm cool. :)
Okay, so if you have a couple extra minutes and want to laugh, go to Youtube and search BonQuiQui at Burger King. It's worth it. And (I'm talking to you Leigh Ann or Christy) you want to fill me in on how to put it up here, that's cool too.
Oh, and should you be so inclined to join Facebook you gotta be friends with John O and Rachel. Your days will take on a whole new meaning. .......Seriously, that's the best I could do.


Kathy S. said...

Phew - I thought I'd be "jonesin' it" today, along with Kirsten, due to your NYC trip. Have Fun!

You are an I.T. genius compared to me. Remind me to tell you my classic computor story sometime. It is beyond lame, but as you say, "I totally own it" with pride.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I am so there with you about the Facebook thing. One of my friends calls it Crackbook, which is entirely an accurate name. I've reconnected with my sorority sisters, old Besties (don't worry, LM, they don't hold a candle to you!) and former (perhaps future as well? Hey, I'm taking the whole goin' green thing seriously. Reuse, recycle, whatevs)(Eww..that makes me sound horrid and heartless... Which I'm not. Purely for the entertainment factor for one Amy E.B.S.)boyfriends. (I've got to stop with the parenthetical remarks). (Unfortunately that's how my brain works). Thank god my 'place of business' has a firewall which prevents logging onto it. Otherwise, I'd be out of a job. I don't know why I just air-quoted that. Makes it sound like I'm peddlin' my 'skills' on the corner. Which I'm not. I swear.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and PS...I totally agree with the Wet and Wild lip pencil #666. Been using it for YEARS. I am actually hoarding it for when it goes off the market. Seriously. Try it. Every time you go into the CVS or RiteAid or whatever you have up there, throw one into your cart.

Meredith said...

oh no, is it dorky to LOVE Neil Diamond?

Got your message on FB and I'm in...for whatever. I land at 10:30....making my way to the city so prob be there by noon? And plans til the parTAY at 9. So...u wanna meet me at my hotel? I'm going to send you my cell phone via email...just in case you have any weird stalkers on your blog who want to call me or something:)

I am so EXCITED to meet mycyberfriendamy. Even my dad knew who I was talking about when I told him we were getting together:) "Oh, Amy from your blog?" he asked. As if it's the most normal thing on earth to meet girlfriends on the internet lol.

Anonymous said...

Amy, I don't think you're a COMPLETE whack. I laughed out loud at this one. You are so funny. I love love love the utube skit. It was hilarious. Anyway, I must admit that I am completely sad that you are going to be in NYC this weekend and not with me. Whatever am I supposed to do? I did invite Marc to sit around a fire with me and sing "Cum by ah my Lord, cum by ah." I'm still waiting for an answer. Should I hold my breath, or do you think I'm going to be putting myself back out on the curb? Juno, bang bus style. We have yet to see. Have a blast at your yoga thing. gotta run!

Val said...

For a while I resisted FB....but then one day I gave in....and now I am hooked!
I am about to put up a youtube video that is freaking hilarious! For us Mom's anyway!

Christy said...

I KNOW--Crack Book...I mean Facebook? Very much addicted AND a total nerd (but you knew that already.) I used to make fun of anybody I knew who had a Facebook page. I was all, "how old are you? 14?" Well, now I get it. But always a day late and a dollar short.

Going to check out that video--I don't know how to use Blogger, but if I think I can help you post it, I'll email you.

Oh, and have fun in NYC--I so miss that place (I went to college on LI (Hofstra) so I spent a lot of time in the city. LOVE IT. Go see the pancake-ball making lady in China town for me & eat Dim-Sum too while you're at it! :)

Christy said...

OMG--that's freakin' hilarious! "She's with our 'out of the hood' work program" Ahhahahaha.

cIII said...

My Facebook page looks like a Crack Den. Computers....*sheesh*

Amy said...

Kathy, I want to hear the story. I won't disappoint you this weekend, I will try to keep up!!
Yoga was awesome. I have some new stuff.

Jen, Entertain me. Please. Constantly.

Meredith, Can't wait to meet you. It will be fun.

Paris, Catch the bus girl. Juno how we do it.

Val, I'm going to check out your video. I'm jealous you know how to do it!

Christy, Thanks for the help, when I have more time I am going to try it. See you on FB! That video is funny, right?

clll-Okay, I didn't see that coming. You on facebook? So maybe I'm not a total loser. :)

Lula! said...

Oh my stars, have me cracking up here. I am laughing like a big ol' donkey. And I'm also going on FB right now, to send a message to you.

We have none of the same this is will be particularly frightening for my peeps, but I do it for YOU. Just you.

Manager Mom said...

I LOVE facebook. I have it linked to my twitter and I am a comment HOOR. Love it when people reply to my status updates. (Statii?)