Thursday, September 18, 2008

To Di(v)e or Not to Di(v)e?

I have a ton of ridiculous ideas. Really, all the time. I'm famous for them. The thing is, I can usually get at least one person to buy into it. Like, for instance a while back I talked my friend Rachel into flying across the country with me to San Francisco for two yoga classes and she doesn't even do yoga. She came though. We did have a blast, but she actually only did the class on day one, on day two she rode with me there in the cab from our hotel and then bagged out. It was fine though. I didn't have to go to California alone. I would of, but I didn't have to.Or another time I decided it would be really fun to do a flying trapeze class. It's up in NYC. So, the obvious person to do this would be my brother. I did also drag him to a yoga class (I seem to have a tendency to that to people) which he left early out of, but he did go to the trapeze class with me. The funny thing about that is that I am afraid of heights. For real. My heart starts to pound. My head starts to spin. I can't help it. At that trapeze class I was climbing up the rickety ladder thinking, "What the f$#k is wrong with me?" Seriously. Why is this necessary. I don't know. I did it though. My brother was the star of the class. I was proud of him. Show off. :)
So, there are a slew of other acts of brilliance on my part. Traveling 32 hours to basically hang out by a pool everyday. Time well spent, every second of it. And I talked Lisa into that one. Spend a week in Mexico with no electricity, for some mediocre yoga and zero tan no matter how much my Greek friend and I lied out. It was a riddle. I did read a really good book and lived with a huge lizard in our casita, and learn how to jump through with out touching the ground from a Russian guy named Ruslan, so it wasn't a complete wash. The list goes on and on. Like I said though, I can be persuasive. I can always find a taker.
So, my latest idea, it's actually one that I have been thinking about fo-eva. Is sky diving. Now, it seems odd, seeing as yes, I am afraid of heights. I kind of get motion sickness in the movie theater when they show that moving filmstrip before the movie even starts but for some reason throwing myself out of a plane seems like a fun idea. I have no interest in bungee jumping or cliff diving and I had a really bad experience para sailing one time in much t windy conditions, but yes, thousand of feet above the earth falling to possible death seems intriguing. I don't know if it's because I dream about flying so much. I do. I love that. Maybe. For years though, maybe since Point Break (which I did watch Sunday too, but I forgot til just now) it seemed like a cool idea. That and that other movie with Gary Busey (remember that guy?), I can't think of the name of that movie but it was all about sky diving (partnered with some really crappy acting) and it seemed so cool. Now that I think about it, did they sky dive in Point Break? Or only surf? Was it Gary Busey that made me think of it in the first place? And how often is really healthy to think of Gary Busey? Regardless, I want to jump out of a plane, Now! Of course Marc is humoring me. He wants to too. He actually went to go do it once and went through the training and then the weather turned and he never got back there. So he's all for it. He's not afraid of anything. Except me, at certain times of the month, right baby? So, should I do it? Seriously, I don't think it could be me and the random helper jumper guy that goes with me time's up. Seriously I think it has to be both our days for anything life threatening to happen, right? I need to call my tarot card reader. She told me I would NEVER die in a plane, she didn't say anything about if I were to willingly fling myself out of it. But how cool right? And maybe it would cure that pesky fear of heights I have. Or not.


Meredith said...

My brother used to sky dive as a HOBBY - as in had his own parachute and everything. But, once he was a father I think his wife wasn't so fond of the idea so he hung up his chute:)

I TOTALLY want to do it too!!! Funny I also went through a trapeze phase about a year ago..I was actually kind of good at it. But, I had a head to head collision mid-air that put an end to my bravado and I never did use my last two classes.

Lula! said...

Please Sky Dive. And then tell me ALL about it. I want to...but hurling my body out of a moving plane, at high altitudes, is very frightening to me. Maybe if I drank a few Land Sharks before hand...

And your Gary Busey musings (Ha--that sounds funny--"Gary Busey Musings!") were hysterical. Yes...surfing and sky diving in Point Break. But would you wear an ex-president mask while jumping?

Anonymous said...

Okay, do you remember when you lived in the old house and the air conditioning unit was the SAME name as the character a one Mr. Busey played in Point Break??? Get on it and find it out...Now I can't get it outta my head. And don't forget how you talked me into taking the dive into the pool that was covered with the tarp, as well as thousands of tadpoles and algae just so we could win on America's Funniest Home Videos but then accidentally "erased" (ahem)....Come to DC with your brother. He misses me.

Anonymous said...

Cmon honey ,jumping out of perfectly good plane is rite up our alley.Just think if we became successful parachuters your fear of a plane crash would be over.Do you think our parachutes would fit in overhead storage?


Sue Jacquette said...

Babe, I say do it. It could be something totally fun that you and Marc do together AND a great lesson to the kids. They know about your fear of heights and you would show them by example to face their fears. BTW, Jason and I don't have that... we're too different so all we do together is drink. I think it's a healthy relationship, don't you?

cIII said...

Do. That. Shit.
I bungied from a Hot Air balloon @ 500 ft. Freefall is fun.

P.S. Gary Busey is the Man.

Amy said...

Meredith, Head collision mid air, that would have turned me off too. I never made it to the catch. I did swing and hang six times though. That was enough.
Lula, I would totally wear the mask, it would help keep my hair out of my face.
Jen-Angelo Pappas was the name of my air conditioning unit? I have no recollection of that whatsoever, must have been all the Ruskies. And seriously will I ever live that tape down. Do you know it was Wings I taped over that. We coulda won too. That was the funniest thing I ever saw. Member when I was batting the hair out of my face?
Marc, Ok. Let's do it.
Sue, You're coming, you know that.
c111- All right. The hot air balloon thing sounds cool. Did you see Gary on Celebrity fit club? That was some award winning television. Almost as good as Screech.

MarkNYC said...

Dissenting voice here. If you do it, don't tell me beforehand. I'll worry too much. Darn ADD has you thinking all kinds of crazy sh** these days. I vote for painting. And, I didn't bail early from the yoga class. I was there until the end, but I couldn't do certain things because it was my first time and you took me to an intermediate class instead of a beginner class. Thanks a lot for that. You know I had to prevail in trapeze after the yoga humiliation.

Anonymous said...

juno you better dive! Holla! Um, michael, listen, I need off this sunday because amy scram and I need to jump out of a plane. Ok? Wow! I'm so flippin jealous. You're so outgoing! I love love love your fabulous ideas! I just wish I could be with you more often and enjoy them with you. Honestly, I love that you do all the thinking. Talk about a dynamic duo! Pinky and the Brain. Paris and Nicole. Dumb and dumber. Rachel and Amy! We need one of those cool Hollywood names Hmmm, Rachmy or amchel. Both very appealing. That's a tough one. Leaving it up to you as usual.
Seriously, I think you're not only the most beautiful girl in the whole world, but also the most fun! So rock on with your bad self. Jump out of that plane and fly baby, fly. I so wish I could be there! Skydiving. CHECK
Awesome! I think you may be able to check off flying too. I'll double check my textbook about things you need to do before you die. But, I'm pretty sure you get two for that one. I'll let you know!

Love you. Paris

If anything happens, Can I have Mickey? I'm just sayin.
(Btw, nothing will happen. I'm sure it's completely safe. I mean, parachutes, instructors, you're golden)

Amy said...

Mark, I love your picture. Now write something on that blog. I know, the ADD has reared it's ugly head again. I won't tell you. I know underneath you Rachel asked for Mickey, but don't worry, he's yours. LYTB
Hey Chris went MIA again. He's back to tier 2 ;)

Paris, Just make sure you tell Michael what I think of him. Listen, I promised Mickey to Mark but you totally get Lucy. It's gonna be awesome. Instead of your bike in the winter maybe she could pull you to work on a sled and then if you're late and Michael says anything just have her bite him. She'll go right for the jugular. That'll learn him. Love you baby.

Ms Picket To You said...

after 9-11 i became completely phobic of flying. my first flight was for a work: a band, a small plane, turbulence. and tequila. i don't typically drink tequila but let me tell you: it helps.

Sarah said...

Will you strap a camera to your head and "Vlog" your dive?

Sarah said...

Did you jump? No update.. I am getting nervous.