Thursday, September 4, 2008

It's the Little Things

There are some things that make me so insanely happy that it freaks me out. It can be the littlest thing and I have such a overwhelming sense of satisfaction that it seems odd to me. A couple days ago Rachel and I were lying by the pool with some cocktails after I had taught and she had done a yoga class and a long run/walk with the dogs and the sun was shining and the music was awesome and she looked at me and says, "I am so happy right now." "Me too," I said. Between that and Meredith's post from a couple days ago I was inspired to share some little things that make me happy. In absolutely no particular order.
1. Sitting at my computer in the morning with my coffee when no one else is awake.
2. A good play list
3. Being with my friends and when they come home from "vacation" Kirsten!
4. Watching my kids do yoga "tricks"
5. A massage, a long long massage ( I'm talking to you Heather)
6. Finding new music I love
7. Santa Monica
8. A killer yoga class
9. Planning vacations
10. A funny e mail
11. Perfect fitting jeans
12. the ocean
13. Being right in the middle of a good book (and knowing the author has written more)
14. The first sip of my drink when we go out to dinner
15. Fresh mango
16. Going on vacation
17. Coming home from vacation
18. Going to NYC to see my brother Mark
19. When Marc makes me laugh (which is a lot, he's funny)
20. The first day of a new month.
21. When Kirsten makes me granola
22. When I can remember a funny joke
23. Handstands
24. The song Troublemaker by Weezer
25. My brothers : )
26. the sun
27. Running
28. Sweating
29. kids laughing
30. Monday nights watching Weeds with Marc
31. When all the laundry's done or at least the socks
32. New music
33. Pictures of my friends kids on Christmas cards
34. Sushi
35. Red wine
36. When my hair looks good
37. When my mom comes over
38. However Florida Amy (Elle Q) signs her comments
39. Walking my dogs with Marc
40. When I can turn the air off and open windows
41. The first day of summer vacation
42. The last day of summer vacation
43. Going to Turkey with Saige to visit BA (the country, not the food)
44. Sitting first class on an airplane
45. Comments :)- Especially when Chris is first, I missed him.
46. Boston Legal
47. Alternative reggae
48. Teikoku lunches with friends
49. old friends
50. New friends
51. really fresh blackberries
52. Calla lilies
53. My blackberry
54. My IPod
55. Birthday cards
56. Sitting on Lisa's back porch
57. Knowing Christina got a new phone
58. Rachel, Rachel, Rachel
59. Jami's flickr pix
60. Kathys fb notes
61. Jen and those girls
62. Tulip Tiger
63. All versions of No Woman No Cry
64. Lists
65. When Chase requests. "Sugar We're Going Down." Then sings it.
66. Watching Saige perfect scorpion
67. S & C having good days at school.
68. When I can think of what to make for dinner
69. Sue's political commentary
70. lavender
71. New make-up
72. My cyber twin Meredith and our parallel universes
73. Making Sarah laugh
74. When the girl in yoga says she drinks vodka every night and SUPER fresh blackberries
75. My bike
76. Inside jokes
77. When my friends run :)- Go Lisa
78. Nov 4 and Jan 20
79. John-O's fb picture and "What I'm Doing."
80. Beaches with service
81. Holla's
82. Concerts
83. Being on time
84. Hatchin' a plan
85. Surprising people
86. Lula and her Twilight counter
87. Freshly painted black toenails
88. Tattoos
89. My pierced nose
90. Chase's choice of mohawk then no mohawk
91. Polite children
92. The Halloween parade at school
93. Lisa and Christina a good roadtrip
94. A good month for MDS
95. Tuesdays in New Hope with Naime
96. House cleaning day
97. Sleeping all night long
98. Good dogs
99. Push ups to Patience :)
100. Today


Brother Chris said...

Oh, there's someone awake little sister. You're list is quite refreshing and orginal and several things about you come shouting out of the list. 1. You love your kids, your family and your friends. 2. You really love yoga and related hand-stand maneuvers. 3. You REALLY, TRULY love, and simply adore blackberries. What's best; blackberries, really fresh blackberries, or your Blackberry? I was wondering to get in the "A" class of brothers where Mark is would it help to change my name from Chris Bradbury to Chris Blackberry? It seems like it wouldn't be that much trouble but by then you'll probably have switched to Boysenberries - oh well, I'll keep thinking of ways to move up the ladder.

Brother Chris said...

Put #74 back in: "Blackberries", or I'm deleting my post - you've made me to sound like the perfect ass by removing it. :)

Kathy Steinmetz said...

When Amy has a new blog for me to read in the am before the kids are awake..... :)

When I can find a good home for a bad kitten (jk - sort of)

When my kids are happy

Meredith said...

Well, of course I couldn't agree with you more about #72. AND #6, #9, #11, #12, #13, #14, #15, #16, #17, #22, #23, #30, #31, #32, #33 (though have to say the xmas card volume dropped dramatically with the big D - sucks), #34, #35, #36, #37, #40, #41, #42....ok pretty much all of them now that I looked at them again!!

What a great way to start the day...with your favorite things. Are you a fan of Matisyahu? I think he falls under the alternative reggae category.

Simple Answer said...

I soooo agree with your number 1!!!! Sometimes it's just really good to remember how simple things can make us happy.

Lula! said...

Wooooo--you mentioned me. I love it! I'm kinda a Twilight nerd, but that's OK, right?

You are so spot-on, IS the little things. I'd take a 100 little happy things over 1 big event. Does that sound strange?

And you must you have a tattoo? 'Cause I am months away from getting one and I'm obsessed with talking to people about it.

Christy said...

What a great idea and a great list! I share many of these in common with it!

Anonymous said...

i love the list! i need to do this.


Lisa Samuel said...

I love the list! I should have been on it more though. . . I hate doing pushups to patience!!! I love your yoga class though-

heather said...

I love that I am part of #5 out of 100!!! #67 is on my list - when my Chase has a good day at school..bad report 2nd day in :( #68 made me laugh!! What's for dinner tonight? (decaf coffee?) I guess that's #76 (an inside joke)! love your post today. So many things in common on here. Only I prefer really fresh strawberries to blackberries, and I've yet to get my lazy ass out to run with you yet. One day soon. I'll add to my list, way up high, "days of motivation, not procrastination".

These are a few of my favorite things....

heather said...

Oh yeah, and not going home to finding a pile of cat puke on my floor after work. It is the little things.

And my Chase sleeping. He truly looks like an angel then.

#1 Hugs & kisses from my Chase

Anonymous said...

I have to make a list.I used to do that as part of my secret binge.I think taking time to write down your favorite things is a great way to not take the little things for granted.I totally loved that it seemed effortless for you to come up with 100 favorites.

love ya


twist said...

:) :) :) :) but I think you forgot pugs and kisses.

Amy said...

Chris, You have re entered Tier 1. Keep commenting to retain your position.

Kathy, Hi!! You better come to class next Wed. We miss you. (In Bryn Mawr now)

Meredith, I gotta go back and look at those. I also have to check out that music, don't have it.

SA, coffee and my computer, a little slice of heaven.

Lula, Of course I had to give you props. Come on. And yes, two tattoos. One on my shoulder blade and one on the back of my neck.

Christy, Glad you liked. I'd like to see your list.

Jami, i hope you're good today. Good to talk to you last night. Make a list, it will make you smile.
Peace, Love and Pixies ;)

Lisa, You are the list baby. You will learn to love push ups to Axl, just takes Patience.

Heather, Is there any other dinner than decaf? If so enlighten me.
They're angels when they sleep.

Me, You know I could have gone on forever. You make it easy for me. Love you too.

Twist, the pugs were assumed. Your last comment on "What A Day" deserves it's on post. I'm trying to figure that out.

Anonymous said...

Juno I love you. I love your blog. I, of course. love the parts that weno are about us. You forgot to mention sat nights watchin juno. anyway, it makes me happy to know that you're inpired by others, because you are an inspiration to everyone you encounter.

Sue Jacquette said...

That's awesome and impressive, I do lists like this all the time, I think it keeps us connected to reality. My list is pretty similar, too. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Thank god I made the cut....:) Hopefully you and I, as well as "the girls" can get together sometime soon when I'm in PA!

Anonymous said...

Ok nicole,
Well I'm sure it gave you much pleasure last week at the level 3 yoga class that my sorry butt was completely awful. I must say that it irritated me a little that on your list, was "patience." It brought back some painful memories from last sunday. I'm going to admit, since my ex-fiance' passed last year, I have let myself go a little. Anyway,S I just want you to know that Paris is back. It's Friday night. Instead of going out with you and Lisa, my salon friends, a date w/ some idiot, etc. I just did a two hour workout, and folllowed it up with "patience." I did it! BRING IT! So thank you so very much for snapping me out of my greife. You are truely an inspiration. I love you! Btw, my knee's still messed up.