Monday, September 15, 2008

Lost In Rachel's World

So it's been a while. I made a little detour this weekend into what can only be known as "Rachel's World." It's where everyone's happy and it's all fun. There might be ferry rides or watching a little Juno. The options are endless. Sometimes it takes a little time to recuperate from the trip. So it started out going pick her up at her work on Saturday to go to Stone Harbor to visit my friend John O (who is now in love with her, I don't think he reads this unless I make him so he probably won't see I wrote that) anyway, so I go to the Salon she works in. It's supposed to be time for her to leave. There was a lot of traffic getting there. Gotta get the show on the road. Her very angry boss is at the front desk, I don't actually know it's her boss, I think it's LaVon the snooty desk guy who answers the phone. Turns out I was wrong. They sounded the same. Well boss man is confused as to what I'm doing there. Some cockamaney Rachel story. I just want to leave. He asks me if I've ever been there before. He was a little scary. I didn't know how he wanted me to answer so I just stared at him. "Here?, You mean, right here?" as I tilt my head to the side. Appearing, I can only imagine, like a dumbass. "Can I just talk to Rachel?" I say. Oh, this infuriated him. He stormed off. Can we go now? He's so angry. He's kind of a buzz kill. After he yells at her for the apparent confusion, we are allowed to leave. So we do.
Now he's made her sad. This irritates me because Rachel makes everyone happy. You just can't be in a bad mood around her. So the boss guy had put a slight damper on things. We had to crank up the tunes and get some Starbucks and forget all about mean guy. It wasn't easy, but enough John Oszjaca (the singer, not my friend John O) can cure just about anybody.
So we get to John O's, get ready and the very short version made for blogland story of the night is, a birthday party where some guy trys to explain there is no such thing as age, just evolutions around the sun. Then he starts reciting a poem he wrote. It was.....odd. He was no Kid Rock. Wait, is he not a poet either? Anyway, from there the night went on and it ended up with me having to drop off poor Rachel at work very early Sunday morning, back to the hater (I'm still not sure how she did that) and I watched four movies yesterday because I was a wee bit tired. Wanna know what they were? Almost Famous, which I, love. Did you ever see it? Okay, this is my favorite part, William (the kid) and Russell(the guitarist) go to a "Real" party in Topeka Kansas. They are sitting in the kids room and Russell is saying how "real" everything is. The kid goes, "Do you want to see me feed a rat to my snake?" "Yes!" Russell says. I love the way he says "Yes." This is such a story about nothing. The other movies of my Sunday film festival included Trading Places, Old School only to be topped off by Little Miss Sunshine. Have you seen that? You should.
Marc had my kids down at a friends overnight. On the way home he was going through NJ so guess who he picked up for me? Rachel! Yeah, she's back. I love having a playmate.
So there you have it. Got Rachel. Went to some parties. Watched a lot of movies. Rachel came back. Gym. Lunch. Here. It's all I've got. Well, not really, but I need a little time to tell the next story.


Anonymous said...

is this the infamous friend who made your hair many interesting colors before? sweet. and dump that evil boss of hers. yes.


Lula! said...

"I AM A GOLDEN GOD!" and "I DIG DRUGS!" says Russell.

Almost Famous is one of my all-time favorite movies. Ever. I quote it all the time...

"Don't do drugs!"
"Rock stars have kidnapped my son!"
"We are not groupies...we are band-aids!"
"Is this Mary Ann with the pot?"

And I will never, ever again hear "Tiny Dancer" without thinking of that great moment on the bus. Good times.

OK, I read your entire post...but then I saw Almost Famous and lost all my train of previous thought...

twist said...

I'm monumentally relieved to see you're back. What with the cryptic email and the eerie moratorium on posterbation, I was picturing you tied up in a shack in West Virginia with a burlap sack over your head. I was truly frightened...the thought of YOU being forced to wear BURLAP...horrifying, really.

Anonymous said...

That is the funniest ever! I love that story. I love Rachel's world. La la la la. That is the theme song. "Yes!" I loved it. Juno I especially love the film festival. Actually, I especially loved all of it! I love you. Did I mention that you are the most beautiful girl in the world!


Anonymous said...

amy i love that picture.