Friday, May 2, 2008

Chase The King of Siam

We laugh and joke about Chase and his very high standards. He likes to get massages, he requests lobster on a weekly basis and his taste in cars is impeccable. I truly hope he steps it up on the school work because he is looking at an expensive lifestyle. Yesterday I was at my friend Lisa's house. I was telling her about Chase and his filet at Nectar. She started laughing and said, "Oh my God. I totally forgot to tell you about Chase and Ethan the other day." Oh great. What now? So she reminded me of how when we were in Florida with her three kids and my two and how we spent an inordinate amount of time feeding those people. Really. That is what seemed to lead us, where they were going to eat, what they were going to eat, all things that hold no interest to me but I am bound by law (I think) to take care of. I'm not kidding we would have no sooner dropped a hundred dollars on fruit and some hamburgers at the Love Food Cafe on the beach in Miami than they were asking where we were going to have dinner. So the one night we were driving from South Beach up to Boca and Chase said he wanted to eat in a seafood restaurant. We were just off the beach, everyone was sandy and tired and of course hungry and really to be honest, irritable. The whole time Lisa and I had joked that it was us against them, at this moment the troops had turned on each other. They were bickering and whining and complaining. It was really fun. So we knew that if we didn't throw some food in their cages soon it was gonna be anarchy. We were a tad bit lost and Chase's I phone navigation (yes, that's what I said, talk to Marc about that) wasn't working and we needed to find food soon. We stumbled across a Quizno's. Everyone but Chase was fine with that. Chase was all out angry. He actually sat out on the curb with a puss on his face. I was pretty much over him by then but he is my baby so I had to try to cajole him into eating one more time. At first he wouldn't budge. Finally after a while he was so kind to agree to let me buy him dinner again. He's a prince. So anyway, the other day Lisa took Chase and Ethan to Subway. Ethan, very innocently says to Chase, "Chase, this is like that restaurant we ate in when we were in Florida." Apparently Chase gave Ethan a pissy look and said with no humor, "Ethan, that wasn't a restaurant we ate in, that was fast food." (God forbid) Ethan didn't understand what he was saying, of course it was a restaurant. He looked at Lisa and said, "Mom, that was a restaurant right?" Lisa, being the smart woman she is, looked straight ahead, making no eye contact and said, "Well Ethan, that was probably a step above where we are now."


Anonymous said...

I guess Chase becoming a mini me has it's draw backs.OOPSIE


Meredith said...

This explains why he was a little distainful the night we went to Anthony's for dinner. He felt the waitress wasn't quite up to snuff, but that was probably because "this isn't a very good restaurant." I thought Chris was bad when he ordered stone crabs and filet at the Newtown Squire when he was about 8, but I do believe Chase has him beat.

Sarah said...

He is definitly his fathers son.