Saturday, May 24, 2008

Summers Pretty Much Here

How do I know this? Because we have started the collection of pool towels lying all over the place. I know, just a side effect of having kids and a pool. It's all good. Last night was the first time the kids got to swim. It needs to be a bit warmer though. From the kitchen I could hear the squeals and screams of Saige and her friends out there having a blast. This is why I love the pool. It can be a hassle at times, but the benefits so much outweigh the problems, at least to me. Especially when you have kids. There's always something to do. I love this time of year. Summer is just around the corner. Everything is green and new. The cushions go out on the furniture outside. It's perfectly acceptable to sit out there with friends on a school night and have a cocktail. It's the little things, right?


Suzy said...

HI Amy! I have finally been reading your blog this morning- love it.
We have had torrential rains all weekend here in South Florida- no swimming in the pool for us. ( a Monsoon Vortex perhaps?) The highlights of my day were saving a cuban curly tailed lizard from drowning in my pool, helping Dennis move patio planks in the rain to my back porch ( in prep. for my new Jacuzzi) and making a chewy, soggy, London broil steak for dinner. It is a bright cheery Sunday morning now. I just checked online to see if I won the big Saturday FL Lotto and I lost again. (This is getting ridiculous.) My good friend Lee who has a house on the ocean ( next to p-Diddy and Jevon Kearse from the Eagles- binoculars anyone?) is having a big bash today. I intend to consume many drinks , eat and swim all day. Hi to the family for me. Love you! Suzy Q

Mel said...

Wow I can't believe you are swimming already...still too cold for me thanks. We were talking about going to the beach tomorrow, but I will NOT be putting even a big toe in. As I sit here with all the doors and windows open I am listening to mowers, smelling freshly cut grass and ribs on the bbq, and thanking God for giving such a perfect day to me!

Mrs. Romero said...

I think I am going to print this post and use it as evidence in the debate going on in my house... to pool, or not to pool. Thanyouverymuch.