Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Crackberry

So I had a regular flip phone for a long time. It was fine. It was pink. I liked it. I was really good at txting on it. I knew how to use the camera. I was used to the ring, although it wasn't my favorite where the techno voice says, "Hello Moto." and I used to pretend it was saying "Hello Model." and it made me smile every time. Not only smile but me and whoever was with me, Saige or Rachel or even Chase would have to repeat, "Hello Model." Marc, lovin' a gadget kept trying to get me to get the blackberry. I resisted, seemed like to much trouble. Then he wanted me to get an I phone. I am way to attached to my I pods already. I couldn't possibly throw another one in the mix. Plus, I don't like the I phone. Too big. For some reason though a couple weeks ago I was thinking that I didn't like my phone anymore. It was beat. That was all Marc needed to hear. He doesn't care my plans not up until next February. He couldn't go out and get me the pink blackberry quick enough. Can I just say, I am addicted to it. It's sad really. The funny part is the picture on the cover is who else, but Mickey. The last screen saver I had on my flip phone Rachel had sent me and it was one of those Valentines candy hearts that said " Iove you" except there were a couple choice words in with it. I loved it but never wanted the kids to see my phone. Now, because Mickey was available when I felt like taking the picture, he gets to be my screen saver. A constant reminder of my love for him. Or an albatross, whichever. I love the crackberry so much, it spells out words and it knows how I talk, or words I use a lot. At first it was very resistant to a couple but I've trained it right. To bad Mickey's not as smart as my phone. I'd be golden.
Anyway, it started me thinking. What do I love so much or use so much that going through a day without it would be hard. So my top five are: my crackberry, my i pod, my sneakers, my coffee and my blender. No matter where I am going these things (except the coffee, cause you can always get that) go with me. I'm not kidding about the blender either. Everyone who has ever traveled with me and wakes up later than me will hear me getting ice and using that blender early in the morning. They laugh, perhaps tease me, I'll tell you what though, they always want a shake. I was actually a little nervous thinking yesterday that this summer when I am in Turkey and Greece I won't have my precious crackberry. Is that not pathetic? I know. Mom, don't roll your eyes. It's called addiction, it's a disease. Pity me. Marc was quick to assure me I could take Saige's I phone cause it is AT & T and will work anywhere if you call and set it up beforehand. Phew. That was close.


Jami said...

i share some of your top5.
now the shake...that could be interesting! time to dust off the old blender. i'll need some recipes, please!

Sarah said...

I hear ya sister... I am all "cracked" out too. Don't know how I went as long as I did with my old cell (or should I say CAR) phone.
Have you played brickbreaker on it?...totally addicting.

Classy Mommy said...

okay i really need to get a crackberry...... i'm supposed to be this high tech mama and i'm still using the regular old cell phone (doesn't even have a camera on it!) so like sarah i really should call that piece of junk a CAR phone! so if mark has an iphone and you have the crackberry which do you think i should get?

Amy said...

Marc and I both have blackberrys. My kids have I phones (ridiculous, I know, Marc is an over indulger-but it works out for all of us) anyway, I prefer the crackberry. I am already way to connected to my gym ipod, I didn't want another one. If you don't already have an I pod then go for that. I hope that helps a little.