Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Marc, Help!

I think the dogs have a conspiracy to drive me completely over the edge. Granted, you wouldn't need much gas, it's not far from here, but I feel like they are pushing me in that direction. So if it wasn't bad enough that last night when I got home Lucy had completely tossed the trash, mind you, the cabinet was supposedly rigged to not be opened (she's smarter than that though) she made a huge mess. It was really fun to come into. That was the first thing. That's nothing to what happened this morning. I went out, came home and let the dogs in. I was carrying stuff in so I didn't really see how it went down but all of the sudden I looked over at Mickey and he was staring down at something on the rug that I swear to God was the fur off a raccoon. I'm not even kidding. He seemed to be playing with it. Like it was one of his "babies". I was glad he didn't start doing his special dance with it. He did look a little confused. Come on, give me a break. I shooed him outside. I got a ton of paper towels (sorry trees) and with my eyes closed picked up the disgusting animal fur and threw it away. Hey, maybe Lucy will dig that out later. No, I was smart and put it in the outside trash in the garage. What else did you say I should put out in the garage Mark????


Kathy said...

Hey Amy, It's Kathy - good to see you today. Can Lucy come play with our cat. Came home from ropes to find that he, the cat, used my ficus tree as a litter box. Some say that's because his box may be to dirty. Too dirty for what?? This is a freaking cat that drinks from a toilet and spends the majority of his day licking himself (I know, he's a guy and he can....whatever.) Love your blogs - very funny.

Lisa Samuel said...

Let's rub everyone's nose in the garbage and put the dogs in their own little house outside. Marc, get on that, build a little house in the back yard for the dogs to live in!! I finally came up with the answer????!!!