Sunday, May 11, 2008

One More Happy Mother's Day

So I said Happy Mothers Day to my Mom and Happy Mothers day to Marc's Mom and to all Mom's but also I want to say HMD to all my friends that are Mom's and can I just say, who knew? Jami, you made me think of this from your flickr pix. You are truly the most thoughtful mother I know. I love seeing your pix and reading your thoughts. I learn from you. Kathy, I am lovin' seeing you and your three "Super" kids. You are super baby. Lisa, you are hands down the best mom with a happy plate I know. So what you keep engaging to a minimum? Kidding, you are awesome, they should be so lucky, with all those trips to waterparks and Italy. Lisa (Newton) I am amazed at what a patient Mom you are with those three girls, everytime I talk to you I laugh. Lisa (B) I am so happy for you on your first Mothers Day, congratulations! Paige, God love you with your three kids under five, the thought of it makes me giggle from time to time. Kirsten (Young) You are in a whole other mothering class, I bow down to you again. I marvel at your patience. Sometimes I think your my mom. Love you. Kirsten (Hood) miss you and those two gorgeous girls. Michele, can't wait to meet your newest little sweetheart. Rachel, (Rachel,Rachel,Rachel) you are a great mom with a great kid. You're doin' awesome. Christina, every time I'm with you I get another great tip. I love you and your kids. Sarah, you are amazing, I love your stories and I love that you have the same order as me, it's a good way to go.
I don't know who else reads this but if I forgot anyone, I love you too. Comment and I'll know your out there.
And to my friends who haven't done the Mom thing yet, and there are quite a few of you. Happy Day. I love you too.


Jami said...

awww, amy. you have a wonderful day, too. i love reading about those 2 creations of YOURS and all their independent thoughts. glad we got back in touch.
xoxo and you are truly one of the funniest people i know. please author a damn book so i can go out and buy it. know someone who can shoot your bookjacket photo :)

Sarah said...

Thanx for the "shout out" hope you had a good Mother's Day.

Anonymous said...

Juno how we do it baby. ~Rach

Lisa Samuel said...

I want to give a big Holla!!! back to Amy! You are the awesome one, created this blog so that you have a record for your kids and their happy, fun lives, with no yelling, no rules and no stress!! Back at you babe- you rock!