Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sketchy Parenting

A very good point was made to me that as soon as I put another picture on flickr (though, admittedly I have been lazy about that,) but as soon as I do, Kid and his abs will be gone and then this post won't make as much sense. So for the greater good I have posted yet another Kid Rock picture. Then, I have two more things to say about him and I will shut up for a while.
If you have looked at that picture on my flickr then you might know the first one, but here it is. So I posted that picture up on flickr and Saige, my ten year old walks up behind me and says, "Oh, that's Kid Rock?" I say, "Yeah, that's him." She got the funniest look on her face and goes, "Well, he's, he's......" she couldn't quite get out what she wanted to say. I said, "He's hot, baby. Is that what you mean?" She got this big grin on her face and her cheeks turned a little red as she shook her head yes. (I'm sorry Marc, it's true, Saige likes Kid Rock, don't mention it to her.) Oh dear. Right?
The second is yesterday morning we were in the car at the bus stop. I said to them, "What do you want to hear?" Chase chimes in right away with, "She treats me better." Which is, what else? A Kid Rock song called Half Your Age, which I believe he wrote about Pamela Anderson and it's just saying he's got a new girlfriend and she's half your age and twice as hot. It's a funny song.... So I say to Chase, "That's a lovely song for a nine year old to request." Chase, always having an answer says, "Well, what about a seven year old always wanting to hear Amen?" He was referring to Lisa's son Ben, who is seven and yes, Amen is his favorite song. It was his constant request when we were in Florida with them.

No goofy kid music in the car with me. Sorry. So as Chase is belting out the words, "She's doesn't care about the strippers dancin' at my shows..." I say, "Let's just chalk it up to bad parenting. Put it on your list to tell your shrink about when you get older."


Lisa Samuel said...

I like to think of our parenting skills as "enlightened" not wrong. We are raising well rounded kids that are open to new ideas, music and well, some laid-back parenting because this is how we do it!!

Dave Samuel said...

We'll need to save records of this blog for their principals,judges and parole officers. they may get out of something someday by blaming their 'enlightened moms' when they start singing Kid Rock 'lyrics' in second grade.
(Kidding, you are great moms, they are lucky to have you guys)