Monday, May 19, 2008

Cocoa Pebbles

If there is one thing I love it's self sufficiency. Really, I remember when I would come downstairs or in from outside, or where ever and a kid or two would be staring at me and saying, "I'm hungry." Okay, well, have at it. Fruit, make a sandwich, have a bowl of cereal, make a hot dog, the choices are endless. I remember as a kid, their age constantly whipping up grilled cheeses or bagels or a grabbing a yogurt. Maybe it's that my culinary skills are so spot on they don't want to chance not loving it as much, um... wrong. It's just I always do it. Lately though they have really come into their own. I'll come down and Saige will be making pb&j's for her friends, or Chase will have made toast and bacon. I love that.
There has been some confusion in our house though. I wasn't talking about the dogs. Here we go with the dogs again. It seems Lucy has taken a great liking to cereal. First it was Lucky Charms. I used to (uh oh, watch out, a vice) have this bad habit of eating the marshmallow pieces out of the LC's box and then throwing the junk pieces on the floor for the dogs to eat. It was really working out well until they threw up green and yellow Lucky Charm puke all over my recently cleaned carpets, just another day, right? At that point though, Lucy was hooked. She knew where I kept 'em. There were quite a few times I came in the kitchen and she had opened the cabinet and had snarfed down half the box. When I bought more I put them in a different cabinet, one harder to get in to, one of those corner ones. She'd push at it a couple times, get irritated, toss the trash and huff off. Until she discovered Cocoa Pebbles. I don't eat these. They had never tried them. Until the other night. It didn't occur to me she would take them, she had been off cereal for a while. We went out for a while, when we came back it looked like a movie set in our kitchen. She had opened up the cabinet, taken all the cereal boxes out, pretty much ignored the cheerios, and the kashi and the granola and gone straight for the Pebbles. The bag was shredded, it had been new, about a quarter of the box was spread all over the floor. It looked like a tornado hit. Do you know she didn't even bother to get up when I walked in? You'd think she'd be somewhat sorry, she almost looked pleased. Mickey was dancing around like a circus animal, all hopped up on sugar. Does anyone need two dogs? Their really cute. Lisa? Mark? Come on.


Lisa Samuel said...

It's just the same old schramm story. The animals run the house. Come on, get control of them, rub their noses in the stuff they do, I mean really get mad and rub their noses in it!! Dr. Dolittle, you are not!!!

Anonymous said...

Tape Mickey's mouth shut, coat him in honey, roll him in some lucky charms and cocoa puffs, lock him in the garage with Lucy, go to a spa for the afternoon, and when you get home, all of your problems (they're all tied to Mickey somehow, no?) will be solved. You can thank me later for this early birthday gift. Mark

Anonymous said...