Thursday, May 1, 2008

What to Make of Chase...

So as I have said before, there is really nothing Chase would rather do than go to Marc's work. He loves it. I swear I drive back and forth to Devon more than you can imagine. I pass the house I grew up in sometimes four times a day. I pass the Y we used to belong to, I pass the restaurant that used to be a Pizza Hut that we hung out in during high school. It's just one big trip down memory lane all the time. That's not really the point. The point is that restaurant that used to be a Pizza Hut is now Nectar. It's an Asian fusion restaurant that is my favorite. I love it. It's so yummy. When I know we are eating there, which is way more frequently than I will admit I get so happy. I think of the spicy tuna rolls and the cosmos with the three little cranberry's in them and just smile all day long. So anyway, yesterday after school Chase wanted to go to work. I had already been there once to switch cars because mine needed an oil change or apparently I would permanently damage it, at least that's what the little message on my screen said. Marc has been in the car business since we got out of college, oil changes have nothing to do with me. So I dropped off my car, got his and went home. So Chase and I get in the car and we're driving down there and Chase says, "You're going to leave his car there and take yours right?" Um, No. I said, "No, I'm taking this." He shot me a look. I turned up the music and went about my driving. A while after I dropped him and got home Marc called me and told me that not only was Chase irritated I didn't take my own car because he wanted to drive home in Marc's but he had also requested Nectar for dinner. Are you kidding me? Buy the kid some pizza and tell him to pipe down. No, it's cute, kinda....not really, but I can appreciate it.

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Anonymous said...

In Chase's defense he was feeling a little under the weather and nothing peps him up like lobster dumplings and a filet.My poor BOO

Mr Anonymous