Tuesday, May 6, 2008

La la la la La la la la Rachel's World

Rachel, Rachel, Rachel. I have to talk about Rachel today because honestly, where it is probably not really funny, I have been laughing all day with her over her nuttiness. So this is the thing, Rachel is a hair stylist. For some ridiculous reason her boss has her working on Sunday's. I don't understand why because she rarely shows up. Or if she does, it is considerably late. We don't really know why, it just is. Take this Sunday for example, on Saturday night I stayed at her house and we watched Juno. One would think that she would have no problem getting up and getting to work on time, especially when the elusive "Edie" had a scheduled appointment. Did Rachel go? No. She did not. Juno why she didn't go? Me either. This was our big joke though when she apparently strolled in 180 minutes late. To her defense she did show up on time last Sunday (but not the two previous ones, just details really). So, when she got there late on Sunday, Lavonne, the slightly irritable male receptionist sent her home. Uh oh. That can't be good. She didn't have to work until today so it was really up in the air if she still had a job. On Sunday afternoon she was trying to get me to call her boss from my phone, pretend to be her and give him some lame ass excuse as to why she hadn't made it on time. How old am I again? Where am I? To be honest, I did try once, cause I felt sorry for her. Thank God he didn't pick up. So she waited it out. She was supposed to be at work at 8.30 this morning. At 8.45 I texted her and said, "Juno I want to know if you got the axe." What was her response? "Juno I don't know yet, I'm running late." Rachel, Rachel, Rachel. So guess what? Turns out they didn't fire her. Who knows why. I don't get it. I'm happy for her though. Juno I am.

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