Sunday, May 18, 2008

Meat Heaven

I know, these two words together are like an oxymoron to me. Not to Chase though, this it the term he coined last night when we went out to dinner. We went with our friend Eddie to Fogo De Chao. It's a Brazilian Steakhouse downtown. Eddies wife, Marcia, our very good friend who is pregnant and wasn't feeling well is Brazilian and they love going to this place. They have been wanting us to go there with them for a while, somehow we always talk them into coming here and going to Nectar with us. It was our turn. Lucky for Chase cause he was hanging with us for the night. Okay, so back to the Steakhouse, usually when a restaurant has the word steakhouse in the title, for me, it is like a hotel with no spa attached, I don't want to go there. It is not for me. It was our turn though and I love hanging with those guys so we packed ourselves up and went. There are no menu's at this restaurant, you don't pick what you want. There is a really nice salad bar but then.....the waiters just start walking around with these huge hunks of meat and slicing them onto your plate if you want them. Chase was in his glory. I don't give them meat very often, cause one, I don't want to touch it and, two, I think it's gross. This doesn't mean they don't like it. I have mentioned Chase is the first one to order a big old filet when we go out. I think Chase ate more than Marc. He was so happy it almost scared me. It was cute though. For dessert he ordered the molten chocolate cake. Then he needed to sit on my lap for a while because he got sleepy. It took him about 5 minutes in the car to fall asleep. "Meat Heaven." Oh my God. Another trait from Marc. When am I gonna see someone banging out some handstands in the kitchen, that's what I want to know. At least he has my eyes.

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