Thursday, May 8, 2008

Talking Back

Do you think it's a rule that everything has to be questioned by kids? Can't anyone ever just take the first answer, or is it only in my house? It seems no matter what I say someone wants to work me over. I think that is from the car salesman gene they must have inherited from Marc. Didn't anyone get anything from my genetic pool, you know the one where you just hand over your credit card and pay the price that's on the sticker. No questions. No haggling. Basically, that's what it is? Cool, I'll take it. No. Not my kids. Chase can't possibly take the trashcans in, first without an incredulous, "Both?" "What about Saige? Why doesn't she have to get any of them?" What I really feel like saying is, "Because trash is man's work Chase. Just friggin' do it. Girls don't get the trash and they don't mow the lawn and they don't rake leaves or make dinner for that matter." That would be wrong and sexist though. Even I know that. I try to say as kindly (not really) as possible, "Please just get the trash cans Chase, Saige isn't even here." Then after a look that only says he can't believe it, he says, "All right. Will you carry my book bag in?" Oh My God. "No. I believe you are capable of both tasks." Grumble Grumble.
I think what is really confusing to me is when they ask me things that they know they won't like the answer to. For instance, "Can I get a snack?" First of all, of course, why are you asking me if you can eat? But I say, "Sure, grab a banana or some grapes." The look Chase gives me when I say this is really priceless, he doesn't want fruit for God sake. Then why is he asking me???? I just don't get it. Listen Chase, if you're reading this, which I know you aren't, wait until I leave the room then just have at it. Skip the middle man or middle mom as the case may be. It will save us all unwanted aggravation. Show me how smart you are.


Dave said...

You realize all you need to do is substitute Ethan for Chase on that last post (except for the Gene thing I hope) and you could repost it on our blog, (if we had one) These guys better both win the lottery or it might be a tough life.

Amy said...

Holla baby.