Friday, May 9, 2008

Mickey, I'm Gonna Need A Lawyer

It rained last night. It's rained before. Come on. Close your dumb little eyes and ignore it. That's what I told Mickey a thousand times last night. You know what he did? He stood by the side of my bed pawed at it, up and down and whined. This mew kind of whine. Like fingers on a chalkboard. He is perfectly capable of jumping up there and snuggling. I even got up a number of times and put him with me. He'd get back down, torture his pet turtle for a while and start with the whining. At about 3.15 I had the overwhelming urge to kick the screen right out the window with the bottom of my foot and toss him out after it. I actually lied there and pictured in my head how the whole thing would play out a number of times. It was strangely satisfying. He'd land on the pool, maybe he'd be fine. One could only hope. Right? Meanwhile, my smart dog. You know the one who is a big scary German Shepherd, well she is afraid of thunder. So while Mickey was doing his dumb little dance, Lucy was pacing around the room, whipping her tail against the furniture and dropping her big rubber kong toy every three seconds. I would have put them downstairs but I actually felt sorry for Lucy. That is until she tried to jump on my head. That was really fun cause I had almost been back asleep at that point.
Okay, so here's the funny thing. Last night the kids came in the room and they wanted Marc to go in Saige's room because they had to tell him something. I thought for sure they had done something and wanted the nice parent to know first. So Marc comes back in, I say, "What gives?" "Nothing." He's laughing though. He goes, "Okay, I can't tell you the whole thing but they want to do something really special for you for Mother's Day and Saige goes, Why don't we send the dogs away." She started laughing, it was a joke, but I'll tell you what, the fact that she said it is more than present enough for me.

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Meredith said...

I think maybe Mickey needs the lawyer.