Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Brand New Day

24 Hours. Actually, Chris, it's been more than that on here. Ruh ro.
So, what can happen in 24 hours? A lot, right? Right Twist? Right? Right? How many times can I put the word right with a question mark in 24 hours? Maybe as many jelly beans as are in the jar. It'll be a contest. The winner will receive total consciousness when they die. Not from me of course. I hope the winner belongs to a religion that can extend that kind of grace. If not, your just outta luck with a whole lot of useless knowledge.

You know, the kind they teach at school these days. I'm sorry, it's stupid. Do you know yesterday I got an e mail saying they were thinking of removing the Science teacher from the school. They already did away with learning Spanish and both the Art and Music teacher make the kids cry. Good times. Seriously! Stop wasting time teaching them Math they can do on a calculator and start teaching them about the world. More languages, Foreign affairs. About life. It's just not the same world as it was when we were kids. There are computers. Information is at their fingertips literally (with handhelds) at any given moment. Why on earth are they still learning things that they are never going to use? You know how I know they are never going to use it? Because when they bring home their homework, sometimes I don't know what it means. Cause it's stupid. :)

I'm not teacher. Oh yes I am. I forgot. I teach yoga. That's important. They should teach yoga in school. Teach these kids how to breathe correctly. Teach them how to speak Chinese. Teach them something they are going to use. And don't for Gods sake don't get rid of the only useful subjects they have.

I will give them a thumbs up for teaching them how to read. Well done. Right?

What the hell is the name of this post? Oh, A Brand New Day, maybe I should change that because I never got to the point I was trying to make. It should be titled, "I don't want to home school Twist, but this is kinda beat."

Don't suggest private school to me either. We pay taxes. Make me happy. Oh wait, Asude, is this not all about me? :)


christina said...

I am just so happy it is the last day of winter!

The good news is our children are writing essays and organizing petitions on the different buses to save Mr. T . Not the( " I Pity the Fool" Mr T but the science teacher.) I am so proud of all of them and their initiative.

Kathy S. said...

"The winner will receive total consciousness when they die."

So I got that goin' for me, which is nice.

Sue Jacquette said...

That's right! Overhaul the education system. Let's do it.

Christy said...

Who do I need to see about total consciousness when I die?

You and Sue can take them on--my money's on you ladies!

Amy who's tired said...

Just frikkin homeschool. I'm not going to rant, but why not? Your schedule is flexible, right? It's nice once you get the hang of it.
My kids art teacher is a major a-hole. I don't know what the problem is, but he's a jerk. Go figure. Fun subject, jerk wad teacher. Chris wants me to h/s next year... so, back to the grind. I have alot of catching up to do on here Mrs. Schramm. I've missed ya. xoxo

heather said...

Huh? I'm so lost today. You're random ADD thoughts and lack of sleep cause of a sick child have me totally lost today. The only thing I understood was about teachers. I am so thankful my son has the best first grade teacher! She has been absolutely wonderful and has gone above and beyond! Ms. Bowman from Starkweather rocks! What else were we talking bout???
Miss you Amy!

Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

very good blog, congratulations
regard from Reus Catalonia
thank you

twistavarski said...

How do you make a little eye-rolling face on the computer? It's really hard to post after "Te la me Maria-Reus." Nothing I have to say will sound terribly impressive. Does give me the terribly clever idea of changing my name though...

B said...
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B said...

Wait, why would you need total consciousness when you die? That's about as useful as calculus to your children. How do I get total consciousness TODAY? In 24 hours? That's what I want to know.

And, yes, it is a totally different world than when we were kids, but I think your response is probably similar to that of every other preceding generation of parents... kids know too much too soon these days, they grow up too fast, etc. Except, never in history as so much information been so readily available, so our observation of premature maturation among our children is more accurate than it was in the past.

It's sad, really. Kids run around with their handhelds, clicking buttons to play games, to learn, to communicate. It may sound dated, but I think there is something to be said for playing kick the can with the neighborhood kids, where there is actual face to face interaction, where you share with each other the wonders of your own little worlds, not the wonders of other people's lives that you read about online. There's a new gum commercial that spoofs the impersonal nature of technology-driven communication; it shows two people kissing in an intimate but mostly innocent fashion. It was a slap in the face and a breath of fresh air all at once... a reminder of the joys of real human interaction. I'm sorry, but sending or recieving <3U over the Internet is much less satisfying and heartfult than a simple hug or kiss or verbal expression.

In our office, we hug every single day. Ninety percent of my colleagues are women, so I get a lot of hugs and attention every day. It makes work such a wonderful place to be. My friends in other companies spend all day IMing. I'll take the handful of hugs I get daily over the zillions of IM messages that leave me empty and feeling like my connection with others is dependent upon a man-made machine.

Not that I don't appreciate and exploit the positive connectivity that the Internet allows--participation in this blog being a prime example--but I think people sometimes rely just a bit too much on technology and not enough on tried and true human interaction.

Geez, what was this blog post about? My own ADD and sleep deprivation seem to have taken me off track a bit. Oh well, let's see if I can bring this full circle to total consciousness... that may be a lofty goal and impossible to achieve, but I'll bet my last dollar that I'll get closer to that the more I interact with humans instead of my keyboard.

Jules said...

I teach science. Man, who needs it?