Saturday, March 14, 2009

Customer Appreciation Day

In the blog world that I travel in and out of with no sense of time or mind it seems at times. That's a lot of time and mind. My favorite part (besides box o wine and my own ridiculous wit) is what you guys say. If not, I'm just talking to myself and although I find myself very interesting. I find you guys way more interesting. I beg you, start blogs, you are all brilliant. Those of you who don't have them I mean. If you already do, just stick with that one, don't make it more confusing for me. : ) But since I know some of you won't and some don't check back to the comments, every once in a while I like to put them out here. I think Kathy has won the award this week (the prize being nothing) for most ingenious little ditty. Thank you Kathy. You are brilliant.
See her song at the end.

In the comment section of our last program Sue told us of her God, Ra. How the worshipping goes, that sort of thing. I mentioned that not only would I join up but I was thinking my brother Mark would like to come. Then Mark says he is to busy doing things middle age men do. First off, let's not go there. It just sounds bad. Secondly, when I read it I almost fell on the floor laughing. Um, Mark, no your not. Nuff said. Finger to nose. Well, except that one thing where you were showing Billy the cat consultant You tube videos. That was totally normal! Well done Mr. Middle Age.

And Chris, brother Chris. I do believe you have always been the smartest of all of us (shut up Mark, you got voted best looking) and so your idea of my blog determining time is right up there with your most intelligent ideas. I know my mind is scattered. I have no sense of schedule. Days run into night. It's all the juice. I'm sorry, did I say that out loud? Mark is right. I think something, I write it. Then another shiny object comes in front of me. I get distracted and voila, new post! That does not mean I don't want to hear any stray thoughts from before.

The moral of todays blog post. I like to hear what you say. I can become annoying, even to myself.
Word up.
That's Wordica to you Jen. And Chris is right, "Where the %^%# is Jen?"

A Song By Kathy:
“In Constant Sorrow”
Sung by The Soggy Bottom Boys
From: O Brother, Where Art Thou?

(Chorus) He is my brother, O come what may

He is a man, he is my brother
We’ve been trouble all my day
He bid farewell to ol’ Pennsyl-tucky
The place where we was born and raised

(Chorus) The place where they was born and raised

For too many years, my mind has wandered
As my brothers know too well
For in this world, I’m bound to ramble
No telling what I’ll blog about

(Chorus) No telling what she’ll blog about

Mickey and that wolf Lucy
How ‘bout some road kill, or a yoga trick
Grandma Vicki’s smokin’, Kid Rock’s tokin,
And of course, demons from hell

(Chorus) And of course, demons from hell

Even you my dear boys, my dear brothers
Become the fodder for my wit
This song I did write ‘twas for my brothers
But somehow, it’s now about me.

(Chorus) ‘Bout Amy, as it should be.


Christy said...

Of course it should be about you! Kathy is genius! I've missed you! Now I'm going to have to play catch up with the bazillion posts I missed! I'm almost unpacked & ready to return to civilization...and hey--let's meet in Boston ASAP (it's an hour and a half from me--door to door!

For real, how you been??? Missed you! :)

twist said...

Is it Friday again? I'm so confused.

Brother Chris said...

Dear Twist,

Don't lament. You've fallen into the same black hole as I did and it's only been through some tireless research that I've been able to piece together what is really going on here. You see, the people that are behind this blog are aiming to distract you from any ability to think clearly during your visits to this site while they attempt to peddle their goods and services to your unsuspecting mind. The hope is that your mind, in this altered state, will interpret their "craziness" as being somehow "cool" and that you'll associate that emotion with their products. I've termed my research project "Looking into the Amyss".

Individually I've only been able to pinpoint two or three people directly linked to this scam. One is a Savant-type housewife from West Chester with a lot of free time on her hands who does a good deal of the front-work. Her cohorts are another WC woman with the same set of odd afflictions who makes entries under the innocent-sounding pseudonym of "Sue" when her real name is probably something so unusual that it would send shivers down your spine, along with some ultra-hip Metrosexual purporting to be from NYC (who knows, this clown could actually be sitting in Boise, Idaho typing away). These three and possibly others are the front-people for this campaign of "Hey, don't worry about what day it is, just go with the flow, ride our Magic Carpet (buy our products!)". This type of Viral Marketing campaign is becmoming more and more common in today's cash-strapped economy, but to disguise it as this friendly neighborhood chat-fest is something more nefarious altogether. I'm not 100% sure but here are the Corporations and/or Special Interest Groups who I believe are the real power behind CBTCK:

1. A Yoga Academy (unidentified)
2. iTunes
3. A Traval/Vacation Service
4. A consortium of liquor dist's
5. Big Tobacco

Well folks, the cat's out of the bag now. Me and Twist and the others are on to you now. You'll have to go back to the drawing board and come up with some new set of even more creative schemes if you want our business. Just look at the title of this post "Customer Appreciation Day"! How stupid to they think we are?

Kathy S. said...


Thank Ra! BroChri has not discovered the true nature of your quadrilateral sales scam, cloaked behind the curtain that is Amyss.

-Your Humble Marionette

Sue Jacquette said...

Brother Chris, you do know that my real name is Asude. For real. Shivers.

Amy said...

Aren't you the clever one Chris? You think you know what's going on now?
That whole scheme is giving me way more credit than I deserve. But thanks.
If you want the real truth, "Oh, you wanted the truth?" I didn't get that part. Now I'll tell you the truth. I just want people to like Kid Rock. That's all. That and boxed wine. Well and yoga. Kid Rock, boxed wine and yoga, that's all I need and this ashtray.

Simple Answer said...

Brother Chris. That was funny.

Brother Chris said...

I only wish it were funny Simple A.

This "Asude" and "Amyss" are playing coy. Sitting there, acting as if they're all hung over and confused all the time. We're not buying it girls. You can put on the "who me?" routine all day long but soon enough when Mark gets up (usually around 2pm on Sundays I think) I think the 3 of you are going to start turning on each other. Then the dominoes begin to fall and me and Simple and Twist and all of your other little Dumbskis are going to be sharing a big old belly laugh - at your expense!

Excuse me, I think I just got an email blast from Pottery Barn about a "can't miss" sale they're holding, be back later, gotta go!