Monday, March 23, 2009

Old, New, Borrowed, Blue...

Darkside of the Moon- Jessica Sonner
Crazy Train-Carbon Leaf
I Got You- Split Enz
Love Is the Drug- Roxy Music
Soft Serve- Soul Coughing
This is the Day- The The
How Am I To Be-The Watson Twins
Fall In A River- Badly Drawn Boy
Speak Like A Child- Style Council
I'm Not Who I Was-Brandon Heath
I'm Amazed-My Morning Jacket
Won't You Take Me Home-Peter's Cathedral
Time After Time-Quietdrive
We Danced Together- The Rakes
Portions for Foxes- Rilo Kiley
Fairytale-Sara Barielles
I'm Not There- Sonic Youth
Breathe- Frou Frou
I Believe In Love- The Storys


Mark said...

I downloaded "I'm Not Who I Was," and I love it. I'm not there yet, but someday soon, I hope. Also love, "Love Is The Drug," one of my favorite Roxy Songs.

Simple Answer said...

You made my day!

Simple Answer said...

So I'm going through the songs and listening and ordering online and there was Quietdrive!!!!!! Of course, I wasn't on tamborine for that song! You rock in so many ways!

Lula! said...


My Morning Jacket?
Rilo Kiley?
Carbon Leaf? (I learned about them from you.)
Frou Frou
And more?


My girls love Rilo Kiley...embarrasingly enough, my 3 year old requests "The Moneymaker" on a daily basis. It's kind of my new pole song.

Amy in the rain said...

Thanks! My site needed some new tunes. I hooked it up 'FINALLY' a few days ago, but I'll be checking these out and adding them to future switches. Love you long time:)