Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Calling All My Angels

So yesterday's post was a song list. People ask me for these all the time. I make you CD's, I post new music, music that I spend an inordinate amount of time searching for, listening to, music that my wonderful friends share with me. Music that means a lot to me. What do I get? Nothing. Well, Mark had something to say and awesome Simple Answer chimed in. The rest of you. Nada. Luckily, although usually Lori and Ashley can't be bothered to comment they will come to my house and play with me. Like we're kids. Well, not really. I clean stuff, they chat. That's Ashley, she plays facebook and entertains me, she shaves Mickey and poses in silly positions for me to take her picture. She makes me laugh when I feel like ... not laughing. And Lori, she comes with a bag of groceries. She cooks dinner and then cleans up my kitchen. Way better than I do. Friends rock it out.

So from yesterdays post. I listed a song called Angel. I love this song, it is making this morning's class playlist. Do you hear that Asude? You're going to miss it. :( It's kinda simple but really sweet. These are some of the lyrics. This is what I think of my friends.

Calling all my angel
to rescue me
Calling all my angels
no time to be strangers.

Clouds are falling down.
Floating to the ground
Dreams are falling
like broken rainbows

Anything for you
Anything at all
Nothing is to big
Nothing is to small

I would move a mountain
to catch you when you fall
Anything for you
Anything at all

I would do anything for you

Calling all my angels.


heather said...

Dear lord amy, you posted it so late it was like it was never there. That's why I didn't comment last night. I would love some new music for my car though :) you haven't made me anything new in a really long time. You are the best, afterall. Me love you long time.

twist said...

See, Heather stole my reason for not commenting on your previous post. That and I've spent the last 24 hours turning our home into the city zoo: chickens, a bunny...dog to follow (no, not Mickey). You know I love a playlist, though. And, dude, is that a new lotus on your wall? I hope that's not FURNITURE I see in your living room...

Kathy of the Close-n-Play said...

Okay,I admit I didn't know what to say. Not a single tune from the Partridge Family! It left me speechless.

On the other hand, I have been singin' "I'm all right" and doin' the gopher dance in honor of your brother Chris all day.

So I'm calling it a wash....

Amy said...

I know girls. I was kidding. It's just I love hearing from you so much. And there are some choice tunes on there. I even have more... And yes, Twist, that is a new lotus, it's not done yet, as you can see. Soon. The furniture can easily be moved. There is alway room for yoga baby. You know how I roll.
And Kathy, I'm going to burn you a CD to baby. Enough with the Partridge Family, that's to old school even for me.
Not as old school as rope and a body bag though, right Asude?

Sue Jacquette said...

Sorry baby, I didn't see your post until today. I don't know much of those songs, will you burn me a disc? Love you long time. I'll miss you today. Stupid computer class. Don't get too itchy!

Lula! said...

I must hear this song now...

p.s. Are you a MGMT fan? They make me shake my boo-tay.

Anonymous said...

Could you please tell me who sings this song?