Friday, April 25, 2008

The Art of the Remake

It's so gorgeous out today already. Even though we are all completely hit by our allergies, Chase, coughing, Saige with itchy eyes and I'm sneezing, everyone is happy. It's Friday, the suns shining and at quarter of eight in the morning the music's blaring. Chase is not pleased with my choice this morning. It's this version of Sweet Home Alabama by B.A.M.A.(some criminals in jail apparently made this one) which Christina's husband Dave turned me on to and I love. Chase is wondering why we aren't listening to the version he loves, which is actually called All Summer Long by Kid Rock. My kids are just partial to Kid Rock in general. I have to explain to him that it's actually Lynyrd Skynyrd that sings the original. Chase wants to song test it. He likes to do that with all the different versions of No Woman No Cry too. So I put on Lynyrd Skynyrd, they listen intently. Chase is like, "Oh yeah, I remember this one. You remember this Saige?" But of course. Then we move on to Kid Rock's which at the beginning actually sounds a lot like Warren Zevon's Werewolf's of London. Confusing to those of us a wee bit older at first. This is obviously the hands down favorite for Chase. He already knows he doesn't like my new version but will listen just to play the game. So as we are walking down to the bus he says, "I think I like Kid Rock's the best, then that other one and not the new one at all." He knows what he likes. I can totally appreciate that. Saige, being Saige, not wanting to choose sides says, "I think I like all three." I'm good with that too. Me? I like the prison guys version best. I'm going to play it today in yoga and we're gonna bang out some crazy stuff. Loud music and a touch to much caffeine on yoga day can be interesting.


Anonymous said...

'Bang out some crazy stuff'??? Okay. We get it. You do yoga. Your friends do yoga. You have a yoga studio. You love yoga. Yoga is life. Get over it......JK. Love you!!! Jen

Amy said...

Don't be a hater baby. It's not becoming. In fact... I remember a day when you were teaching yoga. Right?????