Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Broken Lens

Today I pick up my camera from my desk where I had it plugged in because I had been putting pictures on my computer. The lens was completely shattered. Bummer. Huge, big, bad word bummer. The last time I had looked it had been fine. Somewhere between then and now something had gone horribly wrong. I think I know what happened, um, a kid. Someone dropped it, by accident and hadn't quite found the time to come clean yet. Kind of like on the baseboard in the family room where there are two big chunks out and someone taped them back on. Yes, taped them. Didn't mention it, just some tape. You know what? It worked, because even though I saw it, I admired the ingenuity and decided not to mention it. This isn't going to work with my lens. I just want to know who did it and why they didn't tell me. Now if this hasn't been apparent yet, trouble is not something anyone really gets in at our house. Really, I can't even remember the last thing anyone was in trouble for, oh wait, yes, when Chase and Ethan moved the go-kart cover and broke it Marc spoke sharply for about 45 seconds. I think he might have taken them for ice cream shortly thereafter. I know even Lucy (my dog) weighs out her options when she is going to take food off the counter, we're pretty sure she's thinking to herself, "If I take this, what will anyone really do? Hmmm... basically nothing. Maybe, if anything, they will call me bad dog, but I think that's a good thing because they're always laughing when they say it." Then she snags that food. We have no fear here in our household. I think we need some. I'm not sure how to go about getting it though and I am much to busy doing handstands and explaining fractions to figure it out. Anyway, the whole point to this long winded bitchfest about my broken camera lens is, turns out Saige did it, but says she didn't realize it had shattered, which I believe. After she tells me that and I quietly say, "Ok, thank you for telling me." she runs up the stairs crying her eyes out. Chase pats my shoulder and says, "I'm really sorry that happened Mom, but at least your whole camera's not broken and you know what? I get a lot of money for my birthday. I could buy you a new one." God, they are so different. Each one has their moments of extreme sensitivity and totally losing it. Kids, who knew? Was I this tough? Mom, don't answer that if you are reading. Let's just go with, no.


Meredith said...

I really can't answer that sweetheart, I'm too busy laughing hysterically.

Amy said...

I thought you would. Glad to have been a source of amusement for you.