Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Camera-Part two

I think one of my special gifts in life is dragging out a story for a while. Like the Halloween candy thing, but oh well, it's how I do it. So, back to case of the broken lens. Well last night I went through all my old lenses from my 35mm cameras pre-digital, thinking I could use one until I got a chance to get a new one. Guess what? None fit, that might have something to do with the fact that they were for Canons and I have a Nikon, I don't know. Originally when I got this digital camera Marc bought me the Canon but I snubbed my nose at it, stamped my foot and said, "I want the Nikon." Shortly thereafter I got shot down the bad egg shoot, but I'm fine now. Didn't faze Marc he just went back to the store and got me what I wanted and of course hooked me up with the best he could get including the protective filter cover. We all know, that's how he does it. So back to the story at hand, I take my lens in to the camera store today and say to Jared the camera guy, "Can you fix this?" He examines it for a while and says, "Well, it's only the filter that's broken." Then he said, "I don't know if I can get it off though, it's stuck." I said, "Jared, I'm thinkin' you can." Then just stood there, at this point I'm psyched. I just know good old Jared's gonna hook me up. That filter was really stuck though. He had out some tools, he put on rubber gloves. It wasn't budging. Finally he broke it. Then air sprayed out my camera and said, "There's the rim on there, but it won't effect your camera." I don't see any crying and running up the stairs as today's after school activites. Back to good.

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