Sunday, April 13, 2008


Most of my yoga friends cringe when I mention running. In fact, lot's of people do. The old, bad for my knees, to hard on the body, HATE running. Of course, you say potato, I say, I don't eat potatoes in any form. Anyway, I actually do love running. Just the slightest of tads less than I love yoga. I love running for many reasons, the main one being it is the one thing I do all alone that can totally and completely clear my head. It makes me so happy. A few weeks ago I did something to my leg. I ran on it anyway. It hurt really bad. Finally last week I smartened up, listened to people, started taking the anti-inflammatory and didn't run on it. I don't watch that much tv, but it seemed everytime I did I would see this commercial where a guy is sitting on a bench and the announcer says, "You broke up with running last week, and now you see running everywhere." The guy on the bench is looking longingly at people running all around him. I felt sorry for the actor/sad guy/non-runner sitting on the bench and in turn felt very sorry for myself.But I listened to the smarter than me people and didn't run. Until today. My leg has felt ok for the past couple days so I thought I'd give it a try. It was nice out. I put on a new playlist that I spent way to much time coming up with this morning. Laced up my sneakers and went outside. I didn't push it, I didn't run for speed like I usually do, I just took a nice long run. It was a really really happy time for me. I'm done and I miss it, like I might miss a friend when they have to go home. My leg doesn't hurt though and there's always tomorrow.

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