Friday, April 18, 2008

Mickey, You're Outta Here.....

Just kidding. It goes through my mind though more often than I'd like to admit. I have had all kinds of dogs, runners, shedders, biters, barkers, none though that have ever gotten under my skin like Mickey. He means well, I know that, but he is driving me crazy. He just doesn't get "it." I have always had German Shepherds. You know, smart dogs. Dogs you can talk to and they seem to understand. If not understand at least get the basic, "Use the outside as your bathroom." I don't think this is that difficult, even for the dumbest of dogs. Except Mickey. This is a concept he just doesn't seem to understand. We have a fenced in yard. I am home a lot. He has no reason to pee in here. I was simaltaneously writing a $300 check to Neil the rug cleaner guy and cleaning up Mickeys latest pee spot. I called Lisa and said, "I'm thinking of sending Mickey to the farm." Now of course, I was kidding. Lisa was very quick with the response though, "Get rid of that dog." Now, Chris, if you're reading, you know, I won't dump him (unless Shannon wants him of course).
I was busy by being irritated by him this morning when I saw an e mail from Marc, I opened it and it said, Dear mom, I was really hoping to go to sleepover camp this year and dad told me there is this awesome camp in Hamonton NJ.can i please go !!!!
Love, Mickey. P.S. I attached a picture for my camp id.


Sarah said...

I hear ya! Not a day goes by that I don't tell Penny that I am packing her bags. She still runs away all of the time. The electric fence is no match for her. I have come to the conclusion that little dogs are just dumb!

MarkNYC said...

Thank the heavens. That dog once bit me, and I've been praying ever since for that dog's sudden and mysterious disappearance. Do you think this could happen before my next visit?