Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Election Day

Vote. Right? Even if you're one of those people (and you know who you are) who just want to cancel out my vote. Immature as that may be. Vote anyway. All the Republicans who are voting Democrat, because, well... you know. Go get 'em. You don't have much to do, hold on to that Democrat vote for later.
K. I'll share this one little ditty. Cause it's funny. Around the last Presidential election, I know, very surprisingly, I wasn't a Bush fan. My family knew this. At one point Marc said, "Amy, you can't always talk bad about him in front of the kids." Uh, yes I can. I said, "I can say whatever I want." He just rolled his eyes and went about his business. So a few days later I had Saige and Chase at the indoor pool at our gym. They were swimming for a long time. At that time we had a friend of ours, Rachel, staying with us. When we got home from the pool she looked at Chase and said, "Chase, your eyes are so red." Chase looked at her in all sorts of five year old seriousness and replies, "Yes, Bush put to much chlorine in the pool." Duh.

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Jami said...

haha. i love when your own words come back to haunt you. not like this has happened to me or anything....your kids are awesome.

oh, and i loved the story about all the boys in cammies and chase in a peace now t-shirt.