Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Boys

After his skateboarding party Chase had some buddies sleep over. All of their Mom's are my best friends. Most who read this. So just wanted to say, Well done. I love these boys, each one is as sweet and polite as the next. I know they curse when they think no one is listening (all of 'em) but they say, "Please and Thank you Amy," everytime. It's a pleasure having them here. They make me laugh too.


MarkNYC said...

So, you just ratted out those boys (they all curse) to their moms, most of whom read your blog? I'm sure they will be saying a lot more than, "Please and Thank You, Amy," the next time you are out of earshot. :-)

Amy said...

Now come on. Two of these mom's are Lisa and Christina, who I believe you have met and partied with on more than one occasion. Do you really think a few curse words is going to bother them?