Thursday, April 10, 2008

NYC and My Brother

This is my brother Mark. I have three brothers. All older. I liked it that way growing up. It was always Scott and Chris who sat together in the car and had their own private jokes and the same way about them. Mark was mine. I still consider him mine. Besides the obvious of my children and husband there is no one I would rather be with in the world than Mark. (There's a couple of you that run a close second, you know who you are and how we do it). Mark lives in New York City, which is perfect for me cause I love New York. It's nothing for me to hop in my car and go up to take a yoga class and hang with him. In fact, that's what I did yesterday. I put the kids on the bus, packed my four different bags for a 24 hour trip, jumped in my car, put on my tunes, set my coffee in the cup holder and got on my way. I was so excited to take this one class with Dharma Mittra, a yoga master . Then I was going out to dinner with another one of my favorite relatives, Marc's cousin Bryna and then see Mark. Had you thrown a massage in there somewhere it would have been almost to good to be true. So I did all that.The yoga class was probably one of my favorites that I have ever taken. I loved every second of it. Bryna and I ate really yummy sushi and caught up since the last time I saw her was in August. The only thing was when I finally got to the Mark part of my day I was a little tired and not quite feeling like myself and kind of moody. He pays no attention to this. If there is one person , well that's not fair, there's a couple, that can bring me to the surface Mark is one of them. We had some cocktails and laughed and laughed until about 2:30 in the morning. Everytime I thought we had said all there was to say, there was something else. Both of us tend to like to talk about ourselves, but we don't care. We take turns. If we lose interest we just say, "I'm not paying attention. You're boring me." It works. So thanks Mark. I had the most wonderful time with you. I feel luckier than you could ever know to have you in my life. Now comment more GD.
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MarkNYC said...

Amy, I never get bored with anything you are telling me. It's simply that I think what I have to say is more important. LOL. You know that's not true. Every time we get into one of our long conversations, and frequently with with some of our shorter ones as well, it seems like we are weaving a verbal tapestry that is uniquely our own. You never fail to make me feel understood, accepted, safe and at home. I only wish we had more time together. Love you. Mark

Amy said...

Right back at ya. And thank God it's uniquely our own or they'd put us away. 'nough said.