Saturday, April 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Chase!!

I have said to him a million times, "I waited thirty years for the perfect man to come into my life." My baby Chase. Everyone who knows me knows that for a long time I wanted no kids at all. Then I wanted one girl. I had Saige. I was all good. Then Chase snuck his way in. I have been thankful everyday of my life for him. He has always been more wonderful than I feel I deserved. I have friends who call him "false advertising" because he is such a easy kid to be around. He's my "yes" man. When he was really little, like two, he didn't talk hardly at all, he did however use the potty. People used to always be so concerned about his not talking. They would say, "Aren't you worried?" I would say in all honesty, "No, he doesn't talk and he uses the potty. He is the perfect child." Now I know no one is perfect but to me he comes pretty close. I truly can't believe he is nine today. It is lovely and heartbreaking at the same time. He is my baby. He still holds my hand. He is all about hugging and telling you he loves you. He gets sad if he sees a tree getting cut down and will say, "Oh, poor tree." When we were away this summer the highlight of his time was to see the momma and baby bear together in the wild. He has a huge heart. He understands people. He cares. He'll be the first one to notice you got your hair cut or have on a new shirt. He's a love. This week I got a e mail from his teacher saying that he was calling out in class, being disruptive. I made him write a letter to her explaining why he was acting up. I didn't know what he was going to write. In it he said, "I'm sorry for the way I have been acting in class. I just like to make people laugh. It makes me feel good." I love him with all my heart and soul.
One time I was up in my bedroom with the window open. He was playing out back. I could hear him talking to himself. I heard him say, "Shit." I called out the window, "Chase, you can't say that." He looked up at me and smiled and said, "There's nobody else here. I'm talking to myself. I didn't know you were listening." I even loved that. I love the way his mind works. I hope he uses it for good and not for evil cause he can work it like nobodies business.
When he was five he asked to get his ear pierced. I said yes, of course. I told him to ask Marc. Marc said, "Why do you want to do that Buddy? Nobody else you know has their ear pierced." Chase replied, "It's just my style." Go get 'em Tiger. Be yourself. He has never cared what other people think about him. One year when he was a cheerleader for Halloween we said, "Kids might make fun baby, you sure that's what you want to be." He said, "That's their problem if they make fun of me, not mine. I think it's funny." God, wouldn't life be easier if everyone understood that?
I could tell endless Chase stories. He has moments of such extreme profoundness that it makes me tear up thinking about them. He somtimes likes me to read to him from a book called Many Lives Many Masters which is about past lives. He will listen so intently to this adult book and then have long discussions about it and what parts we might have played in each others lives before. He also likes to play soccer and football, ride motorcycles, and more than anything hang with his friends and family.
So nine years ago today Marc and I were blessed by him choosing us as his mom and dad and coming into our life. We are overwhelmingly grateful for that. Happy Birthday Sweetheart.


Meredith said...

I remember when you told me you were expecting Chase. We were sitting out on my deck, and you were a little upset. Saige wasn't very old and it was a bit scary. I remember I said, "why, honey, that's wonderful." And you said, "is it?" And then we both started to cry. And look. . .it is wonderful! Happy Birthday, Chase. We love you.

Anonymous said...

Chase my little buddy,Happy Birthday.I would go on about how much I love you and enjoy spending time with you and all our mutual hobbies BUT WE TELL EACH OTHER THAT EVERYDAY!!!YOUR THE MAN AND I'M LUCKY TO HAVE YOU. :-)


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Chase!
No matter how big you get I will always see you as a sweet little baby calling me Kah-kah.
Aunt Sarah

Jami said...

so, proud mama, you have touched me with this one.
the best thing about this is that when chase is much older, he will be able to read this and know exactly how you felt at this very moment. now that's a gift.

and you can reread and remember :)