Thursday, April 17, 2008

Inappropriate ? Maybe. Do I Care? No.

Yesterday started third marking period conferences. The kids have half days Wednesday and Thursday, no school Friday. Luckily it is so gorgeous out. Not like those annoying rain/snow days. So I am one of the first conferences. I take Chase to my friend Lisa's house so he can play with Ethan. To explain Lisa you only have to imagine Gabrielle from Desperate Housewives. Really. That's Lisa. Always looks perfect. Always dressed beautifully, sometimes, maybe, to baseball games a little over the top, but still, perfect. My friend Christina calls herself an unmade bed next to Lisa. I like to refer to myself as her Oscar to my Felix. So I walk in her house and she looks me up and down, points her finger from head to toe and says, "What's this get up you're wearing to teacher conferences?" As I gave myself the mental once over I kind of laughed. This is what I had on... Abercrombie kind of long jean shorts, a blue True Religion t-shirt, that said Rebel and black flip flops. Hmmm.. To my credit I had on good jewelery and nice watch which really, doesn't that make up for whatever my outfit might be lacking. Christina was there too, she said, "Well, the Ed Hardy backpack makes up for everything." I said, "I think you won the inappropriate outfit contest when you wore that pink getup with the short shorts and the over sized white and pink sunglasses and high heels to the baseball game." She replied, "You're running a close second with the Rebel t-shirt sister." Whatever, I don't care. It was nice out, I wanted to wear shorts. One time Chase went to a army birthday party, the mom sent me pictures after and I realized while all the kids had on fatiques Chase had worn a t-shirt with a huge peace sign that said, "Peace Now," I'm sorry, it's just us. And can I just say when I returned she was lying out on her back patio in a bikini with headphones on while 13 kids were washing her car with laundry detergent. Who's the crazy one?


Lisa Samuel said...

I really think that the three of us bring the crazy out in each other!! Amy didn't mention that she also showed up 40 minutes early and asked the teacher to "just knock this out now"-- Rebel that she is?

christina said...

I was wondering when you were going to get to the bikini! can i add that it was purple. i think i will wear to my conferences tomorrow a t shirt that says " i drink box wine!"

Dave Samuel said...

Our property value goes up when Lisa is out in her bikini. I work extra hours to supply those. I am a lucky man. I am trying to get Amy and Christina out w/her, then I'll have every neighborhood kid over. I'll have them repainting my house and cutting my grass with scissors.

Amy said...

You're all funny.
Lisa, I believe I said, "Can we bang this out now?"
Christina, I'm going to make you that shirt. Will you wear it to yoga?
Dave, you're clever. It's going to be 80 today, get out the scissors.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I hope DYFYS never reads this blog.I think its going to be an interesting summer.


PS Amy if your making shirts I want one that says "SHUT UP AND DRIVE" LOVE YA