Friday, June 27, 2008

13 (Well 14) Things

My friend Sarah did a list of thirteen things she loves about summer. She wants other people to do it too. I got very little sleep last night so I'm a little grumpy. I thought I would split the list and do 7 things I don't like and seven things I like, cause I am a glass is half full girl, but a realist too.
1.Wet pool towels everywhere.
2.Triple the amount of laundry (with pool towels)
3.Weeds in the yard
4.Making dinner for three times as many kids
5.Friends leaving and going on vacation (Lisa)
6.Air conditioning on all the time
7.Kids sleeping in late

1.The pool is open
2.Wearing bathing suits all day long
3.New season of Weeds on HBO
4.Grilling all the time
5.Going on vacation
6. It's hot outside
7. Not having to wake anyone up

Every bad thing can have a silver lining right?


katia said...

Love it! I'm still working on my list of things...

Ivanhoe said...

Summer is my favorite season. I just don't like the humid days.
Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!

Ay Em Why said...

I can't wait to get my season 3 of Weeds from Netflix.

MarkNYC said...

Amy, I am in a hurry so this is kind of rushed, but off the top of my head...

1. Work is so much easier because no one in my business works very hard during the summer months, my boss goes on vacation for 3 weeks, and my company gives me four Fridays off that don't count against my vacation.

2. Taking time off from work

3. It stays light until 9:00 pm

4. Going to the park with Jared for the afternoon, then sitting at an outside cafe drinking wine from 4:00 until whenever

5. Going to the beach with my Mom and Herman, although I don't go often enough

6. Getting a tan, although I don't do that often since it's not good for the skin

7. Wimbledon, followed by ten U.S. tournaments, including the U.S. Open

8. Rediscovering the six-pack under the winter layer of fat (that hasn't quite happened yet this year, but my trainer and I made a bet today to see who would lose their extra 5 pounds first)

9. Summer music; there's usually more fun songs that come out in the summertime

10. People watching 'cause people wear a lot less clothing

11. The weather when it's pleasant; air conditioning when it's not

12. Photography; I tend to take more pictures in the summer

13. Riding my bike around NYC

14. My sister, Amy. Of course, that has nothing to do with summer. She's just always has to be on any list of my favorites.

Amy said...

Mark, You're on my list of favorites too, all year round. I do love summer, I was just in a bad mood this morning, since talking to you, I'm back to good. Thank you. Love, Me

Sarah said...

Things I hate was the post for next week..

I love Weeds this season....same show but, yet all new.