Thursday, June 5, 2008

Go Saige....

I'm a over worker outter. It's true. I admit it. I love working out. Many people hate it, not me. I can't wait to get to the gym or to run outside or go to a yoga class. It clears my head. It keeps me just on the sane side of crazy. I think it started when my kids were really small, I wasn't always like this. When my kids were babies, going to the gym was the one thing I did totally for myself. It was like two hours of freedom from all those pesky mothering duties. Then it just kind of stuck. At first I would have a babysitter come and I would go. As soon as Chase got old enough I started taking them with me. I quit my kind of meat heady simple gym to join one with a kids room. Monday through Saturday Saige, Chase and I would head out across West Chester to Mitch's Market St. Gym and they would play while I worked out and took a shower. I have heard so many mothers say, "Oh my kids don't want to go to the gym." I don't ever remember offering it up as a choice. It just was what we did. I was trying to lead by example. I wanted to show them something good before they got old enough to recognize a cosmo and know Kid Rock lyrics. All those experts claim it's the early years to make the good impression. I'm hoping that holds true.
So anyway, this went on through the years. Saige went off to kindergarten, it was just Chase and I. We joined a brand new gym that opened closer to our house and continued to make it our morning ritual until he too went to school.
Okay, here comes the point of my story. A few days ago Saige told me she wanted to start running. Yeah. I'm so happy. I have been waiting for this day. She then proceeded to set her alarm for 45 minutes before she usually gets up. Make her water bottle for the next morning. Make sure her I pod is charged. She got her clothes and sneakers ready and then made a little time schedule of how her morning would go. I left everything completely up to her. Even the waking up part. I wanted it to be her decision. Everyday, she's been down here dressed and ready to go by 6:50. Downstairs in the basement, on that treadmill, getting sweaty. I couldn't be more proud. She is so happy with herself too, she said yesterday, "It's weird, I thought I'd be tired after I was done because I got up so early but I actually feel more awake." It's like music to my ears.


Amy said...

I know you are beaming proud! My 10yr old trained for a fun run with me a month or so ago. She won her age division. I almost cried! My knees have been giving me a hard time. I'm trying to make up my mind whether to "run through" it or not. I've done it before, but a fellow runner told me to hold off. Start running on a treadmill. I HATE running on the TM. My knee sounds like it crunching and grinding when I move it. I know. I'm used to it though. ANyway, I love reading your posts and thanks soooo much for the comments! It's nice to get those.

Amy said...

amy, I feel your pain. I have been running through an injury since March. It is so bad now I can't get through the day without a lot of advil. Be careful, really. I am about to go through the whole doctor, x-ray thing. I am proud and that's awesome about your daughter. Saige is ten too. Thank you too for the comments and I love your guys blog too. ~Other Amy

Dave Samuel said...

I need to post my card on your 'running blog' The runners keep me busy with orthotics and injuries. You guys keep running, I have 18 years until retirement, 3 kids who eat a lot, and a wife who knows her way quite nicely around the malls.

Jami said...

impressive, amy.
i, too, have become motivated and steady with the working out this spring. it is surprisingly energizing. and i find i am much better equipped to handle the pricks of the world with the workout pheromones!! i am almost to the point that i am upset if i miss a workout day...almost :)

good leading by example, indeed.

insane mama said...

My kids are HUGE into
Wait,let me explain, I have four
So, I have Soccer
soccer agin
Water polo
Soccer again
I know that is more than four kids,
hold on
and freaking tennis
My life is exercise HELL!
oh and Hockey

Meredith said...

Well, that is just incredible. Good for her! That takes a lot of self-discipline and determination. What an amazing influence you are on those children. (Please don't let them listen to Kid Rock lyrics though. Really, you have to draw the line somewhere.)