Friday, June 20, 2008

Last Day of School. Are Rules Made to Be Broken?

Saige comes downstairs with flip flops on (against school dress code, do I care? Take a guess) but still obligated as "responsible" parent to ask.
"Oh, are you allowed to wear flip flops to school today?"
"No, but Sarah (partner in crime) is."
"Hmmm...K," my brilliant reply. "What made her decide to do that?"
"Well," says Saige, "On Monday she wore a tank top (illegal) and sneakers. Tuesday she work flip flops (illegal) and a t-shirt. Wednesday she wore spaghetti strap shirt (illegal) and sneakers and today we are wearing flip flops."
"I see, so basically it's been breakin' the rules week?" I say.
"Yes," she says, "Although, Sarah doesn't think we should break two rules in one day, she thinks that would be wrong." Interesting. Interesting in the somewhat scary way that I can almost understand that logic.
What would a normal parents response to this be? I'm still thinking on that. What was mine? I patted her cute little head, and sent her on her merry way with her freshly painted pink toe nails and hot pink flippys. I'm still trying to figure out who I identify with more, Sarah, the limit pusher, or Saige, who waited it out to see if any trouble would be had and then jumped on the bandwagon.


Sarah said...

Hell yeah!

Anonymous said...

full support from aunt boozer....another title, rule breaker

Mel said...

What can I say...sometimes rules are made to be broken! I probably would have look the other way too!

The best is yet unwritten said...

This was very interesting to me. My kids are not yet ready to really break rules since they never follow any in the first place. I just wonder when my day will come and what my decision will be..... hmmmmm. I know I would want to look the other way but then I KNOW the school would call me to come get them or bring a change of clothes. But I guess if that happened it would be a lesson learned and not nearly as bad as it could be later in life.

The best is yet unwritten said...

I for got to introduce myself. I am one of the new to blogging students Sarah got started... Hope you come for a visit. I love all the pictures you have on the site.


WomensDaily said...

I think the last day of school they should give the kids a break. Some rules are meant to be broken.