Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Duncan, David and A Death Ride

So a question, I love questions. How was Duncan? This can go either way. It's always up in the air. Let's just say, it wasn't my favorite class of the trip. In fact I bagged out on day two. Three and a half hours seemed like to much of my time if I was going to lose interest again. The first day I did check out about an hour before it was over. It was moving to slow, in my mind I was already wondering what class we were going to take later in the day so I could be sweating like I should be in a yoga class in New York City when its about 105 degrees out. Sweat should be pouring, I didn't even need to change when I left the studio. That irritated me. You know that, right Kirsten?
As a side note, we never did do anything about Sima's eyebrows. They were really just fine. Instead, Sima wanted to take a nap. I went and got my bike from the very surly bellhop. I swear, I think he was annoyed with me. What do I care though, right? So I took my bike and rode to Central Park. I had the most wonderful ride. It was awesome, except I got distracted and forgot to get out at 57th St. I noticed at like 75th or something, so I left the park and had to ride on the streets back to the hotel. A little scary. Also I could hear my phone ringing and dinging the whole time. It was driving me crazy. So I made my way through traffic without any major injurys. I did bang into a cab once, but it was his totally his fault.
When I got back I woke Sima up because we were going to this other class and it was all the way downtown by City Hall. She was in a dead sleep. She rallied though. I actually fell asleep on the subway and drooled all over my mat. When we got to our stop she woke me up with a look of fear in her eyes and pushed me out the door, she kept saying, "We have to get out of here." I had no idea what the problem was. Apparently during my nap there was a not so nice display going on with some crazy guy. I fortunately missed that little peep show.
Anyway, the second class we went to was awesome, it was at this studio called Kula Yoga. The teachers name was David and I highly recommend him. It was really hot and really hard and it was exactly what I wanted out a class. So yeah, it was all good.


Anonymous said...

Let me tell you, Sima's eyebrows, while both beautifully full and exotic, were not even. The one on the right was fuller than the one on the left. Not that it much matters though. This woman has stunning facial features even without the enhancement of makeup. When I first saw her and Amy at the restaurant, I had one of those moments when you don't immediately recognize someone, and my thought was, "What striking women." My sister, a mother of two, somehow gets better looking and younger every time I see her. How does that work. Three years ago, her friends thought I was younger than she. That must have motivated her to make a deal with the devil because she has somehow reversed the hands of time. I think I'm going to have to follow through on my threat to get Botox. The next time she posts my picture on this blog, my forehead lines will magically have disappeared. My god, Amy, we are so alike. Somehow I turned a compliment about you and Sima into a posting "all about me." Mark

Amy said...

I love you so much it's almost scary. I love your comments, it's one more way for me to get attention from you. Although, I knnow all I need to do is call (empty your mailbox gd.) You look young, are you fishing for compliments? You know you do. Still, you know my philosophy, everyone needs botox (that's actually Rachel's, but I stole it.)

Jami said...

still enjoying this blog and your crazy little world. what would i do with a blog??? i'm telling you...publish.