Monday, June 2, 2008


So one of my very best and most influential friends has huge issue with me liking Kid Rock. I got a long e mail today with bullet points of why she hates him.
I am copying and pasting directly out of the e mail-
-he supports bush
-he is a rabid republican
-he is a loser
-he has greasy hair
-he supports bush
-he has no talent
- he sings country songs
-he wears American flag outfits
-he is a hick
-he is a rabid republican
-he is a grease ball

Can you say chugging down the hater ade?
While yes, supporting Bush and being a republican aren't on the top of my favorites list, what do these things have to do with his abs, I mean music?
I did laugh all day about the, he's a loser, and he's a grease ball. I have to say I also appreciated the time and thought invested in this e mail. She is a very busy woman. I guess she owed it to me cause one year for her birthday I listed one thing from every year of her life about her. That took some serious thought, but nothing can compare to -he is a hick. She also said listening to Kid Rock is the musical equivalent of wearing a hairpiece. How great is that? I love that she referenced a previous post.
My response was that of course, she has always given me good advice in the past, she is the one that turned me onto fair isle sweaters and turtlenecks with whales on them. It was from her that I learned the fine art of "sneaking out". It was from her that I learned how to light up a cigarette stolen from her dad's pack. So I'm quite sure she is trying to lead me in the right direction. I am just so stubborn. My response to her was that of course I will consider her words of wisdom but if I can go to a Kid Rock with my gay brother and have a blast then I am going to go on living the dream. I just don't think she looked closely at the pictures of Dave and Jimmy enjoying themselves. Had she seen the gleam in Jimmy's eyes while jamming out to Kid maybe she would have thought differently. I don't know.

Look at how happy they are. You can't argue with that.


Amy said...

HaterAde!!! That's hilarious!

twist said...

Wait, is this you applauding your own wit? Maybe you should lay off the Kid Rock.

Anonymous said...

i have been warned to keep it clean because mrs B. reads this. hi Mrs B! ba here. i am sure that you figured that out- if you did indeed read story- that it was me who sent the email on why i think amy could find a much better musician to love and follow than kid rock. and i am sure we could find one with nice abs too.
i really just need to respond to the title "hater". i am a pacifist and i don't think the title suits me. there are some other titles that i think suit me much better. grossly negligent and party enhancer come to mind. ames- maybe you could do a little blog on titles...?
and a little post-it here- i will take credit for sneaking out and a little bit of dad's ciggies...but whales on pants???? not so sure.

Amy said...

I'm going to change the title for you. Okay on the whales thing, that was Kristy.

Anonymous said...

Wish I knew this friend, I think we need to have a Kid Rock sit down with her. I think Kid said it best when he wrote:

You got a body like the devil and you smell like sex
I can tell you're trouble but I'm still obsessed

Because you know you're
SO HOT I wanna get you alone
SO HOT I wanna get you stoned
SO HOT I dont wanna be your friend
I wanna xxxx you like I'm never gonna see you again

Maybe your friend is conflicted, maybe she hates Kid because deep down these lyrics speak to her and she is not sure what to do with those feelings. Maybe she needs Kid Rock, wants Kid Rock and just is to ashamed at herself. Maybe there is an underlying need to be xxxx by a republican or a Bush supporter. Whatever it is I don't think its a Kid Rock issue.

Friend take note to MLK:

Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. Hatred darkens life; love illuminates it.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Don't hate Kid, love Kid, don't hate republicans try to understand them, don't hate Bush...nevermind.

Baby open your mind to Kid and he will show you the way.

Amy said...

That last comment sounds strangely like a speech Vince Vaughn might have given in The Wedding Crashers. I want to thank you though, you can never hear the lyrics from So Hot too many times. And you are so right Anonymous, Kid will show you the way.

And one more thing, Twist, I was not the Amy that wrote that top comment. If you click on her name you can see it is someone totally different than me. Come on!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you got me, Vince Vaughn is blogging on your site. Oh, you don't believe this is Vince, well let me prove it, by saying this to your friend, knowing deep down she wants to like Kid. I say your friend that she can be the big winner. Baby, accept Kid and you will be so money, she will be so money and she won't even know it.

Think of Kid this way.
Kid is like this big beer with claws and fangs...and teeth... And our friend is like this little bunny cowering in the corner from Kid. And Kid is just looking at his claws like "How do I kill this bunny (your friend)?" And Kid is just gently batting her around... and she's all scared. And Kid is like "I don't know what to do. How do I kill this bunny?"

How would your friend like that encounter with Kid?

Vince Vaughn

Anonymous said...

wow... i never new kid could evoke such emotion! I usually don't agree with a lot of artists politcal views... but i gotta give it to the kid. He is talented! All I gotta say is open your mind and start to live!!!

Anonymous said...

Drinking the haterAde???? I think she injected it!!!

Anonymous said...

Amy (Schramm), I know you wanted a pro-Kid comment from me, but Vince Vaughn's comments have put me firmly in BA's corner. Let's get real... Kid Rock is a lot of fun, and the abs are killer, but that's as far as it goes. Quoting MLK? Suggesting that Kid Rock could show BA the way? That's a bit much, no? I don't Kid showing me the way anywhere, well, maybe one place. BA, find me another totally hot, totally fun musician and I will take the Kid Rock picture down from my office wall, I will donate my Kid Rock key chain with the bottle opener on it (hey, you never know when a beer bottle my cross your path), and I will try to stop thinking inappropriate thoughts about Kid whenever I get bored with a friend's conversation. Mark

Amy said...

It's all about ideas baby. Tossing them out there. It's all good. Listen, if your reading this, read what I wrote back to you from the trapeze one and txt me. LYTB