Thursday, June 26, 2008


It's really time to kick it into high gear. The kids leave for camp in 3 days. Luckily, a lot of their stuff is ready to go from last year. I just never took it out of their trunks. It's the clothes that need to be dealt with. Saige wants to pack herself, which is normal. I'm sure given the chance, she could pack herself and get herself there without any help from us, she is so responsible. Chase is another story. I pack all his outfits individually in these 2 1/2 gallon zip loc bags, complete with shorts, t-shirt, socks and underwear. Fourteen different bags of outfits. It worries me if I didn't he would just continuously wear the same thing everyday. Last night I was getting some of them together and Marc goes, "You know he's still going to wear the same thing." I am thinking that could possibly be true. Marc also asked if at any point they made them take showers. Chase seems to think the pool is perfectly acceptable to keep him clean. I just want him to brush his teeth, that would make me happy.
I learned a lot from what I packed them last year. Like for instance, even if I give Chase self addressed stamped envelopes there is a very small chance he will write anything. Last year we got one letter from him that said, "I'm having fun. Love, Chase S." Just in case we might have been confused as to which Chase was writing us from camp. We can also e mail them and they can write out an e mail on paper and it is scanned in and sent to you. Yeah, this never happened either. They are extremely excited to go, so really that is all that matters.

*Saige is blogging again, you can link to her from my "blogs I read-My Life." She loves comments and it encourages her to keep up. Thanks


Synonym for Splendor said...

I'm jealous. I won't know what to do with myself when all my kids are of age to go to camp. Get drunk and pass out face down in my yard maybe? The possibilities are endless. What are your plans, so I can be MORE jealous.

Meredith said...

Goodbye happy little campers, have fun.
Love, Granma

P.S. Don't forget the "OFF."

WomensDaily said...

LOL at least you got one letter last year even though the details of camp life weren't overflowing off of the page.

Sarah (GM) said...

how totally fun. I need to get my girls involved in a good camp. I always enjoyed it as a child and would love any suggestion you have since I am local to you.

Jami said...

are you not amazed at how two beings from the same womb origin come out completely different? i have that, too. it is mind-boggling, interesting, frustrating, and all-together cool.
i love the story about the ziploc baggies. heh heh.
still lovin' this blog.

Sarah said...

Just left a comment for Saige... jazz up her blog a little while she is at camp.