Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thank You, Thank You, Thank you

This is going to be a two post morning, I'm getting a late start though. First, I wanted to say thank you to you all who sent me such lovely birthday wishes, the ones that wrote on here, my friends that called, friends who stopped by, all of you. It means so much to me. Really, my favorite part of my birthday was hearing from you all.
I have been hearing a lot about some article (I haven't read cause I don't know where is is) about people who blog being narcissistic. (Mark B. no nead to chuckle) Also, my friend of the haunted house fame used another term about blogging that my mom won't like, so I won't put it on here, but, I think this is another way for people to connect. Right? It's just one more way to be in touch with other people. I feel overwhelmingly lucky to have everything I have but the most important things aren't things or trips but my family and friends. People. So to my old friends and new blogging friends and you anonymous thank you, thank you, thank you. You all made my already great day that much better.
Mark B. Honestly that was the nicest thing you wrote. Besides Chase who woke up at the crack of dawn, which he never does, but because he wanted to be the first to say happy birthday, you were my first birthday wish. I love you. BTW, I heard from Scott and Chris too. A three brother day. LYTB (cause I'm a b...)
Simple Answer-Thank you for your Happy B day and ditto. I look forward to all those good things that come with age.
Amy- I love that you were a more beautiful baby than Jesus, honestly that made me laugh so hard and also your motivating line. It's nice getting to know you through here.
Mommy- I'm glad I didn't put you so far over the edge with my crazy posts that you kept reading and could comment about this being a special year cause of day thing. I'm banking on that. Love you.
Twist- Thank you baby. I'm looking at a double for my 40th.
Marc S.-What can I say? You're the best. Thank you so much. I love you.
Laurie- Come on, 34? Buck up litle camper, that's nothing. Older's the new younger. Get on board.
Anonymous- You couldn't even put your name on this one? I love that your gift of Kid Rock, Devil Without a Cause quote for my birthday, especially one that has the phrase "high class hoes"(sorry Mom). And saying you had me pegged for 29. Well, I just keep liking you more and more.
BA-We have gone through so many birthdays together. I'm so thankful for that. Let me tell you, I would still be proud to be riding shot gun in that Chevy as we unwittingly caused accidents all up and down 30. Who needs a Porsche when you got wooden sides? Love you.
Deb- Thank you for the happy birthday. Have you tried a back flip? You don't know until you try.....
Heather-Thanks girl. We'll have you flippin' by the end of summer. It will be my personal goal.
Love, Me


Anonymous said...

Seven days and counting!!!We are out of here.I cant wait !!!Have a great day and for g*d sake GET US A NEW COFFEE MAKER !!!!

lOVE YOU !!!


Sarah said...

Okay, So I don't know where my birthday message went to but I will post this one 100 times if I have to to make sure you get it.

My original message was...

"Birthdays was the worst days
Now we sip champagne when we thirst-ay" - Notorious B.I.G

I also said.. I can't believe you are 39. I remember your 29th like it was yesterday. For someone YOUR AGE you look AMAZING. Even better than you did WAY BACK when you were in your 20's.
I hope you had a great birthday and I am sorry you didn't get to read this on your actual birthday. There is no way I would have forgotten your birthday...remember I am the younger (much younger) one, my memory is still good. Don't you worry though there is NO-WAY I will forget next year as you celebrate the big 4-0!
Cows on the front lawn?...hmmm? Tempting...!

Love ya!