Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Personal Titles

My very same pacifist friend, who dislikes Kid Rock is opening a store in Istanbul called Tulu. Besides the Kid Rock e mail yesterday I received another one asking for my input on possible job titles she should put on her business card for the store. Some possibilities were: ~Grossly Negligent ~Party Enhancer ~Boozer and the last one she had thought of was ~Wildly Inappropriate. While all these accurately describe her and give my a huge chuckle, I told her my personal favorite was ~Grossly Negligent. I think it's just so funny. If someone gave me a card with that on it I would be so much more apt to keep it, stick it on the fridge and smile every time I passed it then if I got the card that said ~Store Owner or whatever. So when I told her this she e mailed back and told me where it came from, I am going to share that here too. Cause it's funny.
Once again, copied and pasted from the e mail:
yes grossly negligent is one my faves too. a few years back i had a customer on a trip who is a big time human rights lawyer. she has become a good friend and has travelled with me in turkey twice and Uzbekistan as well. one night after staying up with a group(all 60yrs old and older) partying, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and playing air guitar until 4 am....we took a hike the next am - i told everyone(mostly senior citizens) that it was a leisurely hike- more like a walk. well.....it wasn't so much. and we nearly lost one guy in the first five minutes. 5 hrs later we did all make it but we were all a bit shaken and sweaty. i personally was sweating from the stress and the hangover. when the guy fell down the cliff- i looked over to Joan (the lawyer) and said " how well does that little release form i had you all sign protect me?" she said " well, if they can prove you to be grossly negligent it doesn't work at all....." i said what would an example be?" she said, " plying old people with alcohol until 4 am getting them up to take a walk that turns out to be a death-hike"
so after that- the group got together and made little cards that said elizabeth hewitt- grossly negligent.
glad you like it...i still think it is so funny and gives me the best giggle.

So think of some personal titles for yourself, make it interesting.


Amy said...

Dept. Head over in Asswiping

That email was great!

Kathy Steinmetz said...

Chief Operating Officer and Head Purchasing Agent for a small concern.

Amy said...

I love them both. I am going to go with
~Straight up whack

Kathy Steinmetz again said...

Blog Addict from Getalifeofmyownville