Monday, June 16, 2008

Ciao Bella

My friend Lisa loves to give the "peace" sign in pictures. It is her signature. So as a little goodbye because she's leaving for Italy tomorrow. Here we go. Peace out baby. I'm going to miss you. On my "view history" on my blackberry there are 193 calls logged to her. That is not counting countless txts of nonsense. That's going to leave me some time to do stuff huh. Maybe something productive? Hmmmm.... Interesting thought. Have the best time.


Anonymous said...

I'm still here. Remember me? Paris

Laurie of the Seven Stories said...

My old bff and I had a relationship like that. We would talk about all things ridiculous and meaningless, and well it was fun, but def not productive.
Still it was fun.
Tried emailing you but everytime I push the button to email you nothing happens.IDK. Do you have a twitter account? If not, you should get one. Let me know.

Always Home and Uncool said...

Since you're free, I could use some help with the laundry. Fluff 'n' fold?

Thanks for hanging out at my blog and leaving a note. Come again. I've got no plans.

Anonymous said...

Hey Amy, doesn't "always home and uncool" look like a younger, thinner version of our brother, Scott?

Amy said...

Yeah, kinda, he looks a bit like Scott. Click on his name and read his blog, he's funny.