Monday, June 9, 2008

Stupid Me

So, another little yoga trip today. Going to New York for three days. My teacher Duncan is going to be there. I am looking forward to it, except this pesky leg injury. I'm not supposed to be doing any stretching at all because I have tendonitis all over my leg, all the tendons are itis'ed I guess. Tricky, right? I had ignored everyone since March who was telling me to rest it. Rest? No. That is until I got to the point where I almost couldn't walk. That wasn't much fun. I have been resting it now for four days and it is starting to heal. Who knew? Well, many people apparently. Just not me. The last time I "rested" it for like a day and a half, and had convinced myself it was feeling better I got the brilliant idea to run a 10k. Why? I don't know why. I don't understand many of the things I do. The race did nothing good for my leg. I haven't run since. Soon, I hope. This time I'm almost positive it's getting better. For real.


Mrs. R said...

Sit down and rest! Or, I'll do it for you... I don't need a reason to lounge..

Not you, the other one said...

Stupid legs. I'm feeling you on that. I tried to comment on the post about MomMom, but couldn't. I really liked that one. Hope your week is awesome.

Heather said...

imagine that! a little rest will do your body good. i'm one of the ones who told you missy.