Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Creature of Habit

I get up every morning really early. Not as early as the time that is posted on these blog posts. That's never right. I don't understand how to change it either. Oh well, it's kind of funny cause people are always asking me why I'm on the computer at 2 or 3 in the morning. I'm not. Anyway, I do get up usually between 5 and 6, sometimes a little earlier or a little later, but generally in that time frame. I love getting up this early because no one else is up, besides my pesky dogs, but at that hour even they are not annoying. It's quiet. I do the same thing every morning. Come downstairs, let dogs out, take vitamins, turn on computer, start coffee, feed dogs. It's how I do it. I love this time of day. I need it to get me going for the rest. So yesterday the coffee maker breaks. Oh my God. This does not work for me (Kirsten, if you are reading this, that is a direct quote from Dana Flynn). Anyway, yesterday I ran to my gym, got Marc and I coffee and all was well. Then I forgot it was broken. Until about 5 this morning. I opened my eyes, realized coffee was not in my immediate future without some hassle and I just couldn't get up. Really, I didn't pop out of bed, didn't let those dogs out, didn't do anything but closed my eyes and went back to sleep. I didn't pull myself out of bed until 7.45. That is unheard of for me. Marc was even up before me. No coffee for him either. He was banking on fixing it before he left. I decided to lie there until I either smelled coffee or heard the garage door open so I would know my fate. As soon as I heard his car zoom down the road and there was no lovely smell of coffee I knew it was up to me. I threw on clothes, put the dogs out and ran over to my gym. While in line waiting for my Starbucks cup I was talking to this guy I know. He asked me if I already worked out. I told him my sad story. He started laughing and said, "War on drugs? I think Juan Valdez won that a long time ago." Holla.


Lauren said...

I have no idea how you get up that early. You must go to sleep ridiculously early. I wish I could get up at that time, I would get so much more done!

Laurie of the Seven Stories said...

You are a prize winner on my blog. Please come and give your acceptance speech.

angie said...

Sounds like coffee is definitely an integral part of your morning routine. How sad that the coffee maker was not fixed in the morning and you had to take matters into your own hands. Hope you kids and you have a great time while they are at camp. And lastly, thanks for stopping by my blog so that I could discover yours. Hope you stop by again soon.