Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Do Do That

In addition to hating surprises, I do read the end of a book. It's true. I will get 3/4 of the way done and not be able to wait anymore. It totally doesn't ruin it for me though, I feel better when I know what's going to happen. Especially in The Time Travelers Wife. Did you read that? (Mark my brother? I'm talking especially to you!) If not, go get it, before the movie comes out. It's a good one. I couldn't wait.
In addition to that somewhat annoying habit I have an even more irritating one, this Marc(husband) can attest to. See, I don't watch any tv until he comes home at night and we are in bed. I DVR (tivo) anything we watch. I have this really bad habit of not wanting to watch the whole show. I get the gist and then try to fast forward to the end. It drives him crazy. It's a good thing I am usually asleep 5 minutes after my head hits the pillow because poor Marc can't process the way my brain needs to watch. He waits patiently for me to fall asleep and then watches in peace.
The interesting, well to me, thing is movies. I do watch the full movie. In fact some of my favorite movies of all time are the ones with the good twist at the end, like The Usual Suspects and The Inside Man, Primal Fear, The Illusionist. I love those movies and I will watch them over and over again. In fact if you come to my house and haven't seen one of those movies and we want to watch something I will be delighted to watch it with you and enjoy it like it's the first time I've seen it. Marc does not do this at all. He also does like surprises, would never read the end of a book, wants to watch the whole tv show and hates watching movies twice. Opposites attract, huh?


MarkNYC said...

In this way, we are really different. I need to be surprised by a movie. I don't read movie reviews, I don't watch movie previews, and I can't listen to people talk about a movie before I have seen it. Same thing with books. Not the same with music. I read music reviews daily. Somehow, that never negatively affects my experience of hearing music for the first time. Gift surprises, well, I can fake it better than most, but I really hate being put on the spot like that. I'm not the most creative gift giver, and the stress of disappointing someone with an ill-received gift makes the whole gift buying process nearly intolerable for me. Unless I am buying a non-occasion gift I am certain the recipient. That's my favorite because the person is taken totally by surprise just at getting a gift, and if they really like it, it's a bonus. I like making someone's day like that.

MarkNYC said...

Edit... Unless I am buying a non-occasion gift I am certain the recipient will like.

heather said...

That would so totally drive me crazy that the poor unfortunate remote would have found itself wedged in a not so nice place....ha ha