Friday, June 13, 2008

Flava Flave

So, another celebrity sighting. Not mine, Marc's, so I feel I can tell it. And considering my very rough day has been spent in yoga and by my pool (please feel sorry for me) there is not a whole lot more I have to say. The pool conversation I had with my friend Lisa would be fit for some other type of blog, not here, so you get the Flave.
Marc was in Vegas from Wednesday to Thursday. A short trip to drive some car. I am so sorry, Marc, you know I can barely remember what car I drive so I have no idea what it is you were testing, but I do remember it's cool. Is that good? Anyway, yesterday he was at the airport, on stand by, trying to get on an earlier flight out of there and who should come up to the desk but Flava Flave. Do you know who that is? The guy with the clocks that was on The Surreal Life with Brigitte Neilson or something like that. Him. Fun, right? marc crackberried me this info while he was waiting. The Flave was with his woman and his baby. Who knew? Who cared? Anyway, I asked Marc, "Did he have on his clock?" "Three." Not uh. "Three clocks to travel." He had them and a stroller and a baby and a mad wife/girlfriend, not sure which with him. Marc said he was surprisingly very quiet, and his woman was yelling at him about something and he and Marc exchanged knowing looks of those men that have been there before. Marc was really just pretending to understand because I'm so nice. But they had a moment just the same, Marc and the Flave.


Anonymous said...

In all seriuosness the Flave is not what he portrays on TV and seemed to be a nice guy and good father.So know making fun of my celebrity sighting.Its good to be home !!!


Mrs. R said...

Ha! Have you read Lula!'s post on meeting flava flav? Funny... he is coming up a lot lately... and, these things happen in threes... I am in LA, so maybe it;s my turn!

Mel said...

I have seen a couple celebrities mostly at LAX and the never seem like what they are on tv. It was great meeting you last night!!

Sarah said...

Maybe he will replace the clock with a BFF necklace for you Marc.