Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Not Quite Yet

40. Nope, not yet. I still have a whole more year of being 39, and it starts today. So for that reason I am going to put up this little movie for one day. It's the back flip movie. Age is just a state of mind. Is that right? Or is it the amount of days you've been alive? I have never really never minded getting older, I mean considering the alternative, what are you gonna do? Right? In fact sometimes getting older is a really good thing. Like, for instance, I think you stop caring so much what other people think. My friend Christina told me when she hit forty, she stopped caring altogether what people thought. So, I'll care a tiny bit for the next 365 days, then wham, that's over too, just like my thirty's. Oh, that sounded a little sad. Jami, my dear friend from college commented on the last post that I certainly wasn't any older, maybe a little and just had a little more sense, ummmmm, nope, not really, but I can pretend. So that's what I'll do, I'll think to myself with each lovely year comes a tiny bit more sense, a little bit more confidence , more time with my family, more times with my friends, more places to see,more songs on my IPod, more books to read, more roads to run, more tricks to do, more time. That's not bad at all.


MarkNYC said...

Happy Birthday, Amy. You were the first person on my mind this morning. You know I don't like to get up early, but this morning I jumped out of bed to send you an email saying Happy Birthday. I decided to read your blog first, and I'm so glad I did.

What can I say other than "Wow!" You look AMAZING. It's not just that you are thin; it's that you are so fit, agile and strong. No one would think you are 39. I love your perspective on getting older. It shows a wisdom of someone much older. A young body, a wise mind, and an incredibly youthful spirit; a great husband, two amazing kids, and the best brother a sister could have (LOL)... what more could you want as you travel through life?

What more could I want in a sister than a best friend who never fails to make me smile and laugh? You've always meant so much to me, but it seems like we've gotten closer in the last year than we've ever been, and if that's part of getting older, then bring it on. I love you today and every day.

A big Happy Birthday to you. Hope it's the best one yet.



Simple Answer said...

Happy Birthday. Well, your brother has said a lot of what I would say. So I'll just say "ditto" to that. Also, never underestimate how sexy wisdom and self confidence are. And those things just come with age.

Name of wonder and beauty said...

Happy birthday! That's a great video and super motivating. It is motivating me to get my fat ass off the couch. You look fantastic. I hope your day is awesome.

Meredith said...

It's finally here, June 24th, and it's a Tuesday! You were born on a Tuesday (you might not remember this), so this is going to be a special year for you. It's a little-known fact that when your birthday falls on the actual day of the week you were born, you are in for an important year. So, a very Happy Birthday, my sweetheart.

Loved the video and it's so nice Chase could have a little friend to play with in the pool.

Love, Mom

twist said...

OK, so from your very sweet brother to your 40-something yoga nemesis...Happy Birthday! I, too, was delighted to see your post this morning. I thought 1) you forgot to mention a little bit crazier 2) we're going to have to up the ante...gainer on your 40th? Love you...hope your day is fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday sweetheart,I hope you have a great day and I think brother Mark trumped my gift.Shout out to you Mark ,Amy is lucky to have such a wonderful brother.


Laurie of the Seven Stories said...

Amy, you look great and your words and actions are an inspiration.
Me, I try to rationalize more. When I hit a certain age, I tell myself that's not really old, what's really old is _. And then when I hit blank, I revise it.
I will turn 34 in September and am trying not to dread it.
Have a happy birthday. Talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday. I would sing for you but nobody wants that. 39??? I had you pegged for 29.

Nothing I can say better then;

No triple beams it seems like a movie Bought two cribs, droptop, and jacuzzi. No more fluzzies only high class hoes, Couple when it rains and a few when it snows.
A brand new nose to go along with my habit And a garden hose made out of 24 karat. Bought a couple parots that like to squak, And they sound like you and all the shit you talk
Step inside my shoes, you couldn't fill em doc,You're too old to kid too soft to rock. Already did what most love shout Seven years on wax and I still ain't sold out, and there ain't no doubt...in my mind
That I'm gonna stomp all over you test of time.

Start Stomppin and have a Great Birthday.

Anonymous said...

miss ames, happy happy day to you. we have been doing this a long time- wishing each other happy birthday. in honor of you today i told the kids a few amy and ba stories...snoopy clothes, b. k. chicken sandwich runs ...kirkland....the ever popular gene hewitt ciggies story....
and although you don't go to bk. anymore or steal cigs or buy snoopy clothes you are exactly amy, unchanged, beautiful, hilarious, and someone that i would choose to ride shotgun in my chevy station wagon on any given day. that is if i still had one.
love ba

Deb said...

happy birthday!! 40 wasn't that bad for me. hope you have a great day. btw - super backflips from both of you. i cant do any :(