Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Another gorgeous day in Southern California

Today was very much like yesterday. Marc dropped me off at yoga class, then the kids at camp, then he went and did a few things. After yoga, I shopped, I went into this great store Lululemon. All the girls in there do yoga, the company pays for them to go to any classes they want. Anyway, the one girl gave me a recommendation of a class she said I would like. I actually went to that one too today and it was awesome. Marc came and met me for lunch, then we went to the beach to watch the kids at camp and hang out. We went there and sat in the sun and watched people. We have seen the same few people for the last couple days. There is a group of boys around Chase's age that like to throw sand balls at each other. Today the one kid got hit in the eye with one and cried for like fifteen minutes about it. I felt like yelling, "Suck it up kid." But I didn't. Then there is this guy and his kid who wears a cool hat and they just play in the sand. Then our personal favorite this blond haired guy who does push-ups and a lot of shadow boxing at the waters edge. He also does this very stange move kind of like a dance with his hands. He cracks us up. That is a picture of him at the top. We really enjoy him.
Marc and the kids built a sand car. We watched big huge pelicans fishing and got some sun.
After all that Marc dropped me at yoga again, for my second class of the day then he took the kids to El Pollo Loco, "The Crazy Chicken" a high class place that doled out tokens if you wanted to use the facilities. I am sorry I missed that one. He also took them to the Pier and they had time for one ride. They went on the roller coaster.

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